How do I contact Almarai?

Company Info

  1. Founded: 1976.
  2. Website:
  3. Address: Exit 7, North Circle Road, Al Izdihar District. 8524. Riyadh.
  4. Phone: 966 1 4700005.
  5. Fax: 966 1 4701555.

Who is the owner of Almarai Company?

HH Prince Naif Bin Sultan bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer In addition to being the chairman of Almarai company, he is the chairman for several other reputable companies including Zain, Arabian Shield, Global Downstream Industries, Global Chemical industries.

Where is Almarai company located in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh, Saudi
Almarai Company (Arabic: شركة المراعي‎, lit. ‘The Pasture’) is a Saudi multinational dairy company which is listed on the Tadawul stock exchange. It specializes in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. The company’s main offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What does Almarai company do?

Almarai is the Middle East’s largest food and beverage manufacturer and distributor. Our mission is to provide high quality, nutritious food and beverages that enrich consumers’ lives every day. Focused on quality, we are the consumer’s preferred choice for superior products that meet their needs.

How many cows are in Almarai?

As of 2015, Almarai has a herd of 170,642 (cows and calves) and produced 1,225 million liters of milk, which is equivalent to an annual rolling herd average of 13,619 per cow.

Is Almarai available in India?

Yes! Desertcart India delivers the largest selection of Almarai products to India with expedited delivery options available.

Which milk is best in Saudi Arabia?

A trusted milk brand since 1977, Saudia Milk is SADAFCO’s flagship brand. It is the No. 1 Long Life Milk in Saudi Arabia and it is a strong and growing No. 2 in the total drinking milk market.

Who is the CEO of Almarai?

Abdullah Al Bader
CEO. Abdullah Al Bader joined Almarai in 2000, and was appointed as General Manager of Bakery in August 2015.

Is Almarai a cow milk?

DESCRIPTION. Each bottle of Almarai fresh milk full fat contains 250ml of fresh cow’s milk. It is a nutritious milk product, which has been standardized and pasteurized.

Is Almarai feta cheese pasteurized?

The Almarai Premium Feta Cheese Cubes are extracted from pasteurized milk for excellent quality. They can be used in a variety of food recipes such as soup, salad, pasta, and more.

How expensive is Saudi Arabia?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,494$ (9,350﷼) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 698$ (2,619﷼) without rent. Cost of living in Saudi Arabia is, on average, 29.68% lower than in United States. Rent in Saudi Arabia is, on average, 71.26% lower than in United States.

Is Saudia milk good?

1 Long Life Milk in Saudi Arabia and it is a strong and growing No. 2 in the total drinking milk market. The brand is associated with quality and nutrition that is ideal for the whole family. Every pack of Saudia Milk is enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure wholesome nutrition for the whole family.

ALMARAI COMPANY is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is part of the Animal Production Industry. ALMARAI COMPANY has 42000 employees at this location and generates $4.10 billion in sales (USD). (Employees figure is estimated).

Who are the owners of Almarai dairy company?

It announced in February it was entering into a joint venture with drinks giant PepsiCo to invest in dairy and juice processors in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Known as International Dairy and Juice, the venture will be 52 percent owned by PepsiCo and 48 percent by Almarai.

How much did Almarai invest in baby food?

A month later, Almarai announced it would invest $173m to build a baby-formula food plant. The company would start selling baby-food products within 18 months of the investment, it said in a statement.