How come my car battery dies so fast?

Some of the most common reasons for a car battery to die repeatedly include loose or corroded battery connections, persistent electrical drains, charging problems, constantly demanding more power than the alternator can provide, and even extreme weather.

Can a car battery go dead from sitting?

Batteries can go completely dead if you leave your car parked for days.

How do I know when my car battery needs replacing?

Here are seven telltale signs that your car battery is dying:

  1. A slow starting engine. Over time, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective.
  2. Dim lights and electrical issues.
  3. The check engine light is on.
  4. A bad smell.
  5. Corroded connectors.
  6. A misshapen battery case.
  7. An old battery.

Can a blown fuse drain a car battery?

Re: Blown fuse = dead battery? a fuse blows to keep current from going through the circuit. in other words, there’s no way a blown fuse can drain the battery. take the battery in to get checked, it might just be a bad battery.

What is parasitic battery drain?

Parasitic Battery Drain: Causes and Solutions. According to AxleAddict, parasitic battery drain is when power continues to be drained from batteries after the truck’s engine is off. It shortens battery life in the short term and for the long haul. The more you charge batteries, the quicker they die for good.

How long can a car sit before battery goes dead?

When stored properly out of the car in a secure place, a detached car battery has the chance to last up to six months. Just like any other car battery, it will need charging, but not as often as if it were attached. Giving the battery a charge around every 12 weeks is a good rule of thumb.

What kind of mpg does Hyundai Sonata 2.0T get?

The EPA estimates the Sonata 2.0T’s economy at 22 mpg in the city, 34 mpg on the highway, and 26 combined mpg. After a week spent aggressively using the manual shift mode to keep the turbo spinning with almost no highway cruising to balance things out, the trip computer reported only a 16.6 mpg average.

What’s the difference between 2011 and 2012 Hyundai Sonata se?

Compared with the 2011 model that I tested, which was powered by a 2.4-liter engine, this 2012 model loses 0.4 liter of displacement and gains a twin-scroll turbocharger and a heap of horsepower. Does more power make it better?

What kind of suspension does Hyundai Sonata 2.0T have?

Compared with the entry level GLS trim and the top-tier Limited levels, the Sonata SE 2.0T model features a firmer, sport-tune for its MacPherson strut front and independent multilink rear suspension. The SE uses the same 24mm front stabilizer bar as the GLS/Limited, but a thicker 17mm rear stabilizer bar (versus the standard 15mm bar).

How big is the front wheel on a Hyundai Sonata?

Wheels Front Wheel Size 16 x 6.5 in Rear Wheel Material Steel Spare Wheel Size Compact in Rear Wheel Size 16 x 6.5 in Front Wheel Material Steel