Are Siberian kittens aggressive?

Siberian cats love their family, even children and dogs. Though not usually aggressive, Siberian does want to be treated with respect and her fierce sense of loyalty may entice her to attack even larger animals if pushed. Though mostly quiet cats, they are natural mousers.

Are Maine Coons better than Siberian?

To summarize, Maine Coons are significantly bigger than Siberians. The Maine Coon’s body and especially their face is more square and angular, while the Siberian has a rounder face and body.

Are Siberian cats similar to Maine Coons?

For starters, both the Maine Coon and the Siberian Cat are natural cat breeds originating from very cold climates. They also have a very similar appearance, since both breeds have thick, long haired coats that can be found in a great variety of colors.

How many Siberian cats are there in the UK?

Pets4Homes found 87 Siberian Cats and Kittens for sale in the UK . Read our Siberian Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

How old are cats and kittens in Hertfordshire?

Pets4Homes found 1,681 Cats and Kittens for sale in Hertfordshire, which meet your criteria. We have 4 British Short Hair kittens for sale. 1 girl 3 (1 reserved) boys. I will be on hand throughout their lifetime for any advice you may need and they will be ready to leave after their second vaccinations at 14 weeks on the 24th July.

Which is the best Siberian cat for sale?

Paloma Syberianka (dam, championships in 5 generations: 2xWCH, 10x GIC, 9x IC, 4x EC16x CH) Misha*****Syberianka (sire, championships in We have one silver female available to a right home. She comes from superb show quality lines more information is available on Facebook ( Dechambacats Siberian kittens).

What kind of kittens are on Gumtree?

Smoke semi-longhair boy (£850), chocolate boy (£650) Eating best quality kitten food, flea and worm treated, litter trained, nails trimmed. No time wasters please. Cute & Friendly Kitten For Sale.