Are Bosch or dewalt drills better?

The DeWalt 20 volt batteries may take slightly longer to charge, but again, you get the trade-off of two extra volts of power. As far as both the reciprocating and circular saws go, Bosch seems to have the upper-hand. In my opinion, this makes Bosch’s hammer drill also slightly better than its DeWalt counterpart.

Is dewalt 20v same as 18v?

In the most simplistic terms, Dewalt 20V Max = 18V. These aren’t 20V battery packs, they’re 18V battery packs. If you didn’t already know this, don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Are Bosch cordless tools good?

Overall: Bosch makes some spectacular tools. Looking at the greater picture, their 12V and 18V platforms aren’t as compelling as competing platforms. While I was impressed with some of their past releases, there are fewer reasons to buy into either of Bosch’s cordless power tool systems today.

Will 20v dewalt work with 18v battery?

Please note since all 18v dewalt tools are actually running on 20v, there is no harm in using this with any of the dewalt 18v tools. The adapter works great with any 20v MAX battery, and with most all 18v tools.

Are Bosch tools good quality?

Bosch has a good track record of making tools that perform well. Additionally, they also make tools with great ergonomics. Their batteries have some of the longest shelf lives we’ve experienced among manufacturers.

Are Bosch tools high quality?

What’s the difference between Bosch and DeWalt power tools?

Both DeWalt and Bosch have a large enough portfolio of tools to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Under its flagship 20V MAX cordless platform, DeWalt offers more than 200 different products. Bosch offers a similarly impressive selection under its flagship 18V line of cordless power tools.

What’s the difference between DeWalt 18v and 20V batteries?

The insides of DeWalt 18V vs 20V battery packs are similar. Each battery pack contains 5 cells that are arranged in a series. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a maximum voltage of 4.0V. Now, it is only a matter of whether you are using the nominal voltage or the maximum voltage to name your product.

Which is stronger a 20v or 18v battery?

However, let’s get straight to the point: DeWalt 18V battery and DeWalt 20V battery actually provide similar voltage power. As the effect, an18V DeWalt power tool isn’t always weaker (or stronger) than a 20V DeWalt power tool. The power and performance of the tool is affected by other specs, such as the motor and design. Don’t believe it?

How many revolutions per minute does DeWalt brushless impact driver do?

Four of those – like the 20V MAX XR brushless impact driver – are a part of its 20V MAX platform. They differ in the number of impacts they can deliver per minute (up to 3,800 IPM), as well as in the maximum torque (up to 1,825 inch-pounds) and revolutions per minute (up to 3,250 RPM).