Who was the creator of the game Tetris?

Tetris ® is the addictive puzzle game that started it all, embracing our universal desire to create order out of chaos. The Tetris game was created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984—the product of Alexey’s computer programming experience and his love of puzzles.

Where can I play Tetris for free online?

This page is the official destination for free online single-player Tetris. Click PLAY to start playing one of the world’s most popular puzzle games now! OBJECTIVE. The goal of Tetris is to score as many points as possible by clearing horizontal lines of Blocks.

How to arrange the falling blocks in Tetris?

Arrange the falling blocks of different shapes to fill the line. Use WASD keys. Next… WASD or Arrow keys to move. Shift, / or UP to Rotate.

Is there a good way to play Tetris?

This is a classic Tetris game that you have to fill the field with square-based shapes. This is the perfect video game for the ones who need meditation! It is the most relaxing game ever! Have fun! Tetris is a very old game that has been played for almost 40 years! Everybody played Tetris once in a lifetime. The goal is simple.

How many types of tetrominoes are there in Tetris?

Tetrominoes are made of 4 connected blocks and they fall vertically down. There are 7 different types of tetrominoes. You will receive bonus points if you can clear more than one line with a single tetromino.

Why is Tetris not loading on my computer?

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Are there any clones of the classic Tetris game?

A number of clones of the classic Tetris game have since been released. Games like Tetris Sprint, Tetrix or Tetris Effect are free and have found their fanbase. But games like Tetromino or Lumines have taken the basic formula and changed it slightly to improve on the Game of the Year.