Which is the main campus of Sankara Nethralaya?

Sankara Nethralaya (Main Campus) No. 41 (old 18), College Road, Chennai – 600 006, Tamil Nadu , India. Ph No: +91-44-42271500,+91-44-2827 1616, Fax No: +91-44-28254180

How to make an appointment with Sankara Nethralaya?

The form below is only a requisition for appointment. Kindly await an email/telephonic response from us to confirm the status of your request. Please plan/schedule your visit to Sankara Nethralaya only on our confirmation of your date/time of your appointment.

Who is the founder of Sankara Nethralaya Atlanta?

Sankara Nethralaya Atlanta team requested Neelima garu to present 100 days online streaming program to promote the cause during the pandemic. 90 students performed from academy performed for 100 days marathon event. We are deeply grateful to Neelima for dedicating herself to the noble cause.

Who is Padma Shri of Sankara Nethralaya 2020?

Sankara Nethralaya’s year-end campaign was crown by the fundraising program by Padma Shri Dr. Shobha Raju garu on Sunday Dec 20th, 2020. Dr. Shobha Raju, one of the foremost Indian classical musicians, is famed for her repertoire of devotional songs, and is an eminent writer and composer.

Who was the founder of Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital?

Please try again later. It was in 1976 when addressing a group of doctors, His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, the Sankaracharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam spoke of the need to create a hospital with a missionary spirit. His words marked the beginning of a long journey to do God’s own work.

How to raise funds for Sankara Nethralaya USA?

Satadina Svaraarchana is a unique program of 100 days of Classical and semi-classical music concerts presented on social media through YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, to raise awareness and funds for Sankara Nethralaya USA. Read more…

Where does the word Sankhara come from in Buddhism?

According to Theravada Buddhist monk and scholar Bhikkhu Bodhi, the word samskara or sankhara has no exact parallel in English. “The word sankhara is derived from the prefix sam, meaning ‘together,’ joined to the noun kara, ‘doing, making.’