Where is the exam schedule Concordia?

Click the Menu icon on the upper left- hand side of the screen. Click Academics. Click View My Exam Schedule.

Is Concordia Montreal a party school?

Concordia is always hosting crazy parties all year long. You’ll attend TONS in your first week, there will be almost too many to choose for Halloween weekend and we don’t stop partying once it gets cold out, we party even more!

Are all exams on Cole proctored?

Does that mean I will be proctored while taking any exams on COLE? No. Proctorio only kicks in when you are taking an exam that has Proctorio configured in the exam settings. If Proctorio is enabled, you will see the wording “remotely proctored” in the exam title.

Is McGill or Concordia better?

More Diverse Programs McGill is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, however their programs are incredibly narrow when compared to what Concordia has to offer. They try to cover more of a broader spectrum; while Concordia can get so specific, it becomes weird.

Which major party is most?

While Art History holds the number one spot, the majors that reported drinking the most alcoholic beverages on average during a night out were not predominately arts-related courses. Engineering and Business-related degrees consistently ranked toward the top of the list.

Is D+ A passing grade Concordia?

Each year at the end of May all students are assessed to verify their academic standing. In order to continue in their program students must obtain a minimum 2.0 assessment GPA….Covid-19 Changes learn more.

Grade Grade Points
C- 1.70 Satisfactory
D+ 1.30
D 1.00 Marginal pass
D- 0.70

What is considered full-time Concordia?

Students who take 12 or more credits in a term are considered full-time, whereas students who take less than 12 credits in a term are part-time.

Are all final exams proctored?

Proctoring 101 A proctored exam is an exam that is supervised by an approved, neutral person (a proctor) who ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test taking environment. StraighterLine requires proctoring on all final exams and uses an online proctoring service called ProctorU.

What is suspicious behavior on Proctorio?

Suspicious behavior is flagged in a report for faculty review. For example, the system has the capability to note to the instructor if other people are in the room, if a phone is used, or if the student is consistently looking down into their lap.

What is Concordia known for?

Located in the vibrant and multicultural city of Montreal, Concordia is the top-ranked university in North America founded within the last 50 years and annually registers some 51,000 students through its innovative approach to experiential learning and cross-functional research.

Does Concordia university have a good reputation?

Concordia improved its scores from the previous year in two QS categories, citations and international students. “With more than 9,600 students from 150 countries outside Canada, we’ve undoubtedly earned our outstanding reputation among those from around the world, even during these difficult times.”

Is the University of Concordia open for exams?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Concordia’s campuses are physically closed. See the Registrar contacts page for telephone and other contact information. See your exam schedule, what to do in case of conflicts and how the online exam platform COLE works.

Where is Concordia University in Montreal, Canada?

Concordia University, located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Quebec, is one of Canada’s most innovative and diverse, comprehensive universities.

Is the Office of the registrar at Concordia closed?

Our campuses are closed but we’re operational online and remotely. Read more at our COVID-19 FAQs.

Who is the faculty advisor for Concordia University?

For any questions about grades, academic standing, prerequisites or other program elements, contact your faculty or student advisor.