What was Singapore known as in the past?

Singapore was known in the 13th to 14th century as Temasek, a name also recorded in Chinese sources as Dan Ma Xi, a country recorded as having two distinct settlements – Long Ya Men and Ban Zu. It changed its name to Singapura perhaps towards the end of 14th century.

What are the names Singapore was know for before 1965?

The earliest written records to have mentioned Singapore describe it as a thriving port in the 14th century. It was known by different names then: the Chinese traders called it Danmaxi (Temasik or Temasek), while in the Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals), it was called Singapura.

What was Singapore original name?

Sometime in the 14th century the name was changed to Singapura, which is now rendered as Singapore in English. Singapura means “Lion City” in Sanskrit, and Sang Nila Utama is usually credited with naming the city, although its actual origin is uncertain.

What is Singapore’s nickname?

Lion City
Singapura stands for the ‘Lion City’ and is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Simha’ or lion, and ‘Pura’ or city, and the story of how the name came about is probably one of the more famous Singaporean legends.

Where to see old photos of Singapore in the 1960s?

Capitol Theatre, 1950-1960 15. Cathay Cinema, 1956 16. Chulia Street, 1960s 17. Lido Cinema and Shaw House, 1960s 18. Day and night market at Jalan Kayu, 1960s 19. Household in Chinatown, 1960 “Upper levels of a shophouse in the Chinatown area. Men engage in conversation on one level while children have a meal a level below them.

Which is the oldest Chinese kampong in Singapore?

Kampong in Northern Parts of Singapore. Yishun. Nee Soon Village (formerly Chan Chu Kang) was one of the oldest Chinese kampong (pronounced as gum gong in Teochew) in Singapore. It existed as early as 1850, and was later renamed as Nee Soon Village after rubber magnate Lim Nee Soon (1879 – 1936).

How old is Telok Ayer Market in Singapore?

The 145-year old Telok Ayer Market – one of Singapore’s historic landmarks – is to be preserved and renovated. But the Shenton Way part of it, which has no historic value, is being demolished. To Singaporeans, this market is known as ‘Lau Pa Sat’ or Old Market. – Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) 31. Singapore Airlines at Paya Lebar Airport, 1970s 32.

What was the transport like in Singapore 50 years ago?

Back in the day, Singaporeans were just happy they had the transport to get us from point A to point B. This picture above looks like its something out of a bad Mediacorp drama that nobody watches. But no, this was Singapore less than 50 years ago! And here are some pictures that show the evolution of our buses!