What makes a vodka martini dry?

A dry martini is made with little to no vermouth. Ordering a martini “extra dry” will result in even less or no vermouth added. A dirty martini contains a splash of olive brine or olive juice and is typically garnished with an olive. A perfect martini uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth.

What is in a dry martini?

1/2 oz (1 part) Dry vermouth
3 oz (6 parts) Gin

What makes a martini dry or wet?

Dry Martini: Refers to the amount of vermouth in your Martini. The less vermouth, the drier it is. Wet Martini: Usually signifies a Martini that’s a little sweeter than the average. It’s just chilled gin or vodka that’s garnished with an olive, served up in a Martini glass.

How do you make a martini extra dry drink?


  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in the well-chilled vermouth and the gin and stir for about 20 seconds.
  3. Strain into a well-chilled Martini glass.
  4. Twist the peel over the cocktail, to release the oils, then drop into the drink as a garnish. Or garnish with an olive.

What is the best vodka for dirty martini?

Best vodkas for a Martini

  • Belvedere Single Estate Rye Smogóry Forest. While the classic Belvedere vodka works beautifully in a Vodka Martini, this expression is a connoisseur’s choice.
  • Chopin Vodka.
  • Grey Goose Vodka.
  • Haku.
  • Ketel One Vodka.
  • Konik’s Tail.
  • Reyka Vodka.
  • Stolichnaya elit.

Can I drink dry vermouth straight?

“I enjoy vermouth on a king cube with some type of citrus twist—orange twists tend to complement the darker vermouths better, and lemon complements the lighter vermouths.” Vermouth can also be served neat in a chilled glass or over frozen grapes (like the vermouth service at New York’s Caffe Dante).

Is extra dry martini a vermouth?

You can indicate your preference for less vermouth-ness in a Martini by calling for “Dry” or “Extra Dry” – though some will argue that an Extra Dry Martini should contain no vermouth whatsoever (as Winston Churchill famously noted), but then you’re really just drinking chilled gin.

What is the best dry martini recipe?

Pour a little bit of dry vermouth in a chilled martini glass and swirl to. coat the inside of the glass. Dispose of excess vermouth. In a shaker full of ice, gently swirl or stir the vodka before straining into glass. Serving suggestion: Garnish with olives or lemon twist and add rocks if you like.

What is the Best Vodka Martini?

The 5 Best Vodkas for Vodka Martinis For a Clean Martini: Zirkova Together ($32) For a Full-Bodied Martini: Ultimat Vodka, $25 For an Earthy Martini: Industry Standard Vodka, $36 For a Dry Martini: The Walter Collective ($47) For an Herbaceous Martini: Cardinal Spirits Vodka, $25 For a Zesty Martini: Chopin Rye Vodka, $30

How do you make a vodka martini straight up?

A vodka martini is made by combining vodka, dry vermouth and ice in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. The ingredients are chilled, either by stirring or shaking, then strained and served ” straight up ” (without ice) in a chilled cocktail glass. The drink may be garnished with an olive, a “twist”…

How do you make Dirty Martini Vodka?

Making a Classic Dirty Martini Add ice to your cocktail shaker. Freeze your martini glasses to keep the drink chilled. Add the vodka, splash of vermouth , and olive juice to the cocktail shaker. Close the mixer and vigorously shake the cocktail for 5-10 seconds. Strain into the cocktail glass. Garnish with the cocktail olive.