What is the best seed for Minecraft on Xbox?

Five best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

  • 5) Diamonds and More. Seed: 5056807151542616608. Diamonds Seed (Image credits: Minecraft Forum)
  • 4) Villages and Farms. Seed: -98099353174887.
  • 3) A Bunch of Islands. Seed: -289973135.
  • 2) Survival Island. Seed: -9089409167323528152.

Do seeds work on Xbox Minecraft?

There are so many Minecraft seed lists out there, but there doesn’t seem to be much love for the Xbox One version of the game. Well, we certainly have plenty. I found some weird seeds, awesome survival seeds, and just about every kind of seed that a budding Minecraft player could ever want.

What is the scariest seed in Minecraft?

5 most scariest seeds in Minecraft #5 – Dangerous Duplications. It’s difficult to figure out if this seed is cursed or blessed due to the constant… #4 – Risky Ravine. This Minecraft Bedrock seed is so broken that it’s scary. While the usual Minecraft ravines are long… #3 – Zombie Takeover. This

Is Minecraft good on Xbox?

Minecraft on Xbox is almost as good as the PC version. It’s still a great way to express yourself, but the lack of some of the PC features like mods and Creative Mode is disappointing.

What are the seed codes for Minecraft?

Three Seed Codes from Minecraft 1.11.2. Seed Code 1. Pyramid Village: -7955155822622757578. Spawn Point: 46, 258. Zombie: 11, 31, 189.

What is a seed in Minecraft?

Mesa -8427444967367737379. Did you bring your camera?

  • Ice Spikes -4186746847636013829. Disney fans will feel right at home in this Frozen-like seed.
  • Underwater Temple -5181140359215069925.
  • Zombie Village 427074153.
  • Bamboo Forest with Pandas 1959330209.
  • Mountain Village with a Dungeon -1231267014.
  • Village Ravine and Jungle with Diamonds 598080973.