What is Active Response in OSSEC?

The Active Response feature within OSSEC can run applications on an agent or server in response to certain triggers. These triggers can be specific alerts, alert levels, or rule groups. The active response framework is also what allows an OSSEC administrator to start a syscheck scan or restart OSSEC on a remote agent.

How do I enable active response in OSSEC?

Add command block Add a command block to /var/ossec/etc/ossec. conf . This gives a name to the executable that you are going to run (typically located in /var/osssec/active-response/) .

How do I monitor OSSEC?

OSSEC agents are monitored by another type of OSSEC installation called an OSSEC server. After an OSSEC server is configured to monitor one or more agents, additional agents may be added or removed at any time. Monitoring of OSSEC agents can be via agent software installed on the agents or via an agentless mode.

How do you manage OSSEC?

Managing Agents¶

  1. Run manage_agents on the OSSEC server.
  2. Add an agent.
  3. Extract the key for the agent.
  4. Copy that key to the agent.
  5. Run manage_agents on the agent.
  6. Import the key copied from the manager.
  7. Restart the manager’s OSSEC processes.
  8. Start the agent.

What does active response mean?

An active response is a script that is configured to execute when a specific alert, alert level, or rule group has been triggered. Active responses are either stateful or stateless responses.

How long does Ossec block traffic that triggers a firewall rule?

600 seconds
This active-response will use the firewall-drop command to block an IP address that has triggered an authentication_failed or authentication_failures alert. It will run on all agents, and has a timeout of 600 seconds.

Where is Ossec conf?

The ossec. conf file is the main configuration file on the Wazuh manager and it also plays an important role on the agents. It is located at /var/ossec/etc/ossec. conf both in the manager and agent on Linux machines.

Where is OSSEC output stored?

All logs are stored in subdirectories of /var/ossec/logs . OSSEC’s log messages are stored in /var/ossec/logs/ossec.

What is OSSEC Wazuh?

Wazuh is a free, open source and enterprise-ready security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response and compliance.

How do I access ossec server?

Go to server code directory ‘cd ossec-hids*’ Install using ‘./install.sh’ and use all default values suggested. For installation type use ‘server’. Check status using ‘/var/ossec/bin/ossec-control status’.

What is ossec-Execd?

ossec-execd executes active responses by running the configured scripts. ossec-execd is configured in the ossec.conf. ( see ossec.conf: Active Response Options)

Is an active destructive response?

An active and constructive response includes eye contact and smiles, while an active and destructive response features frowning or glares. Both types of passive response include little or no emotional expression. A passive and destructive response may also include a lack of eye contact or leaving the room.

How is an active response used in OSSEC?

Active response allows OSSEC to run commands on an agent in response to certain triggers. In this example, we simulate an SSH Brute Force attack. First of all, we need to know when to execute the response. We can use one of the following options: Rule ID: The response will be executed on any event with the defined ID.

Is it free to use OSSEC for security?

OSSEC is fully open source and free. You can tailor OSSEC for your security needs through its extensive configuration options, adding custom alert rules and writing scripts to take action when alerts occur.

Which is an example of an active response?

Active response allows OSSEC to run commands on an agent in response to certain triggers. In this example, we simulate an SSH Brute Force attack. First of all, we need to know when to execute the response.

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