What is a re admittance?

readmittance in British English (ˌriːədˈmɪtəns) noun. the act or process of admitting someone or something again. Collins English Dictionary.

What does no admittance mean?

When “admittance” is used, it’s most likely to refer to physical entry into some place or other, as is indicated by signs saying “No Admittance.” …

Is redemption a word?

To redeem yourself. I redemptive myself after publicly humiliating myself.

Is readmit hyphenated?

Hyphenation of readmit This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.

What does school admission mean?

Admissions to a place such as a school or university are the people who are allowed to enter or join it. Each school sets its own admissions policy.

What are readmission rates?

Percentage of admitted patients who return to the hospital within seven days of discharge. The percentage of admitted patients who return to the hospital within seven days of discharge will stay the same or decrease as changes are made to improve patient flow through the system.

What is an example for admittance?

Examples of admittance in a Sentence He tried to enter the restaurant but was refused admittance. They opposed the admittance of women into the club. The sign said “No Admittance.”

What no admittance means?

/ədˈmɪt̬. əns/ permission to enter a place: The sign read “Private – no admittance”.

What is the difference between salvation and redemption?

What is the difference between Redemption and Salvation? Both redemption and salvation refer to saving people from sin. God is involved more in redemption than in salvation. In redemption, the God is involved directly while, in salvation, God is involved indirectly.

What is a readmit student?

A readmit applicant is someone who has been enrolled in a degree-seeking program at CU Boulder but is no longer eligible to register for classes and must reapply.

What is a another word for readmitted?

1. readmit. verb. [‘ˌriːədˈmɪt’] admit again or anew.

What is the proof of remittance?

Remittance advices work as a proof of payment received and are thus equivalent to a reciept from a cash register. The most basic type of remittance advices are notes or letters stating the invoice number plus the paid amount. Some firms instead choose to create invoices with a slip that the customers can send together with their payment.

What are sources of remittance?

In other words remittance can be defined as any form of money transfer or payment made from your working country to home country. There are different sources of remittance such as, check, draft and other electronic ways. It also refers to the amount of money being sent in order to get rid of an obligation.

What is the problem of remittance?

Remittance has always been a painful process for users because of it’s high fees and slow processing. The problems with the current remittance industry is not because they are greedy but because of the way it needs to operate.

What is transfer and what is remittance?

A bank transfer is when you send a certain amount from one account to another. A bank remittance is used when a transfer is made between two different accounts. While wire transfers are always popular, a prime alternative is online transfers. It takes the old concept of wiring money and marries it with EFT technology.