What does UGL Limited stand for?

UGL, formerly known as United Group, is an engineering company. The company provides construction, maintenance, and asset management services to the rail, resources, and infrastructure sectors, and corporate real estate, facilities management, and business process outsourcing services to property users.

What happened to UGL?

In 2016, UGL was acquired by CIMIC Group.

Is UGL Australian?

UGL is one of Australia’s leading freight locomotive manufacturers and maintains freight fleets across the country. The UGL Broadmeadow site in New South Wales manufactures and maintains locomotives.

Is UGL a good company to work for?

Great work place culture The work was interesting and varied. Management was great… That, great management and a good pay packet made my time with UGL both enjoyable and rewarding.

Who is Ventia owned by?

Ventia is an independent partnership between funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management and the CIMIC Group.

Who owns cimic group?

HOCHTIEF Australia Holdings Limited
CIMIC Group/Parent organizations

Who bought Leighton Holdings?

By March 2014, Spanish company ACS Group, through its acquisition of a majority shareholding in Hochtief, was the majority owner of Leighton Holdings.

What does CPB contractors stand for?

Leighton Contractors
CPB, formerly known as Leighton Contractors, represents CIMIC’s core contracting business.

What is Broadspectrum called now?

Broadspectrum, along with our telecommunications business Visionstream, will be rebranded Ventia. The legal entities of both businesses will remain unchanged for now.

What country is Ventia from?

Transfield Services is founded in Australia by Italian-born electrical engineer Franco Belgiorno-Nettis.

What companies are owned by cimic?

CIMIC Group includes the following businesses:

  • CPB Contractors (construction)
  • Leighton Asia (construction)
  • Broad (construction)
  • Thiess (mining)
  • Sedgman (mining)
  • UGL Limited (services)
  • Pacific Partnerships (public private partnerships)
  • EIC Activities (consultancy)

Does cimic own Thiess?

CIMIC Group comprises our construction business CPB Contractors, including Leighton Asia and Broad, our mining and mineral processing companies Thiess and Sedgman, our services specialist UGL and our public private partnerships arm Pacific Partnerships – all supported by our in-house engineering consultancy EIC …

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