What are the requirements for Ryanair island flights?

Passengers on domestic flights to island destinations must meet ΟΝΕ of the following requirements: 1) Have completed at least 14 days of vaccination for COVID-19 and present a vaccination certificate, which has been issued through the official website.

How do you get a covid-19 certificate on Ryanair?

1) Display a negative molecular test (PCR) for COVID-19 up to 72 hours before arrival. The certificate must be in Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian, properly issued, in accordance with the relevant legislation. 2) Hold a certificate of vaccination.

What kind of test do you need for Ryanair from List C?

For passengers arriving from List C countries (Excluding UK): you must present a negative C-19 test (PCR/ antigen) performed up to 48 prior to entry.

Do you need a passenger locator card for Ryanair?

Passenger Locator Card must be completed for all passengers arriving from abroad through this link www.spth.gob.es or the Spain Travel Health-SpTH App available in the Apple Store and Play Store. Paper form accepted only in exceptional circumstances. EU nationals/Residents in the EU/ Residents in Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro,

Are there any recent accidents with Ryanair flights?

Accidents and incidents 1 On 10 November 2008, Ryanair Flight 4102, from Frankfurt–Hahn Airport, suffered undercarriage damage in an emergency… 2 On 23 May 2021, Ryanair Flight 4978 ( Athens – Vilnius) carrying 6 crew and 126 passengers was diverted to Minsk… More

How old do you have to be to go to Cyprus on Ryanair?

As of 1st May 2021: All passengers who can prove they have received the required doses of a recognised vaccine, will not be required to undergo any tests to visit Cyprus. Children under the age of 12 are not required to undergo any testing. Children aged 12-18 will be required to undergo testing as per the enforced protocol.