What are the most valuable antique lamps?

The 12 Most Expensive Lamps In The World

  • Genoese Crystal Chandeliers – $677,203.
  • Daum Crystal Chandelier – $680,000.
  • Classical French 48 Candle Chandelier – $740,000.
  • Salviati Chandelier – $1,000,000.
  • Tiffany Wisteria Lamp – $1,565,000.
  • Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier – $1.8 million.
  • Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp – $2.8 million.

How can you tell if a lamp is antique?

Antique lamps should feature hand-painted designs, so look for brush marks. If the work is perfectly smooth, it might be a decal. You can also identify a decal by touch — decals are smooth, while paint feels textured. Generally, the presence of decals indicates a modern reproduction rather than an antique.

How do you identify a glass slag lamp?

How To Tell if an Item Is a Slag Glass Antique

  1. Look at the coloring for a marbling effect. It should not just be white streaks mixed in with another color, or one solid color.
  2. Examine the color. Antique slag items are usually brown, blue, green or purple.
  3. Look for names and marks of manufacturers.

Is raw slag glass worth anything?

Slag glass comes in many colors such as chocolate or caramel, purple, blue, pink, and red. Values for slag glass, particularly, kitchenwares and lampshades command values from $50 to $1500 with collectors.

How do you date a slag glass lamp?

The key to determining if a piece of glass is “true” slag or just a handsome example of pressed glass is to look for glass that is obviously and richly marbled rather than simply colored or streaked. Your caramel slag glass paneled lamp dates from the 1910s through the 1920s.

What is slag worth?

Actual prices per ton ranged in 2019 from a few cents for some steel slags at a few locations to about $120 or more for some GGBFS. Owing to low unit values, most slag types can be shipped only short distances by truck, but rail and waterborne transportation allow for greater travel distances.

What kind of lamp is signed by Miller?

SIGNED MILLER REVERSE PAINTED DESK LAMP: SIGNED MILLER REVERSE PAINTED DESK LAMP: Scenic reverse painting is signed B. Kincaid. The patinated copper and mixed metal base is signed Miller. Double TABLE LAMP.

Where was the first Edward Miller lamp store?

Starting around 1884 through 1892, Edward Miller & Company manufactured the “ROCHESTER” line of lamps for The Rochester Lamp Company, located at 42 Park Place and 37 Barclay Street, New York City. They billed themselves as “The largest wholesale and retail lamp store in the world,” with branch stores in London, Paris and Chicago.

What kind of lighting did Edward Miller make?

This is a reprint of an 1881 Edward Miller & Co. Illustrated Catalogue of Bronzed, Decorated, and Real Bronze Lamps and Cigar Lighters. It is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in kerosene lighting. This 100 page catalog depicts hundreds of lamps and is well executed.

What kind of lamp is a Miller slag?

Miller slag glass lamp; caramel slag, cast Miller slag glass lamp; caramel slag, cast gilt shade and base, floral pattern; marked ‘Miller Lamps’ on socket. 21″H. Good condition.