What are bonnet pins?

These pins keep the hood buttoned down in the event the main latch should fail – preventing the hood panel from flying open at speed. This often happens after accidents, that’s why many racetracks require hood pins to be fitted on competition cars.

Are hood pins legal in NSW?

Bonnet pins and mascots The use of bonnet pins that protrude through the bonnet is not acceptable. Bonnet pins that were original equipment from the manufacturer may be acceptable. Mascots are acceptable if they were provided as original equipment by the manufacturer for a particular make and model of vehicle.

Are hood pins legal Qld?

For vehicles manufactured prior to 1 July 1988 there are no specific requirements for items such as bonnet pins and mascots. However fixtures that increase the risk of injury to other motorists or pedestrians are deemed to be dangerous protrusions and must not be used.

Are hood pins required?

nope not necessary at all especially on a stock hood with two working latches. they look cool though. I recommend the stick on appearance pins if you don’t want to drill holes into a perfectly good hood.

Are bonnet pins road legal UK?

Bonnet pins are legal but you also need the original bonnet catch working for mot, so really no point, only for show on a road car.

Are Fibreglass bonnets legal?

Fibreglass is legal, providing that the original hinges & locks are maintained, & the reinforcements are not comprimised. Carbon Fibre is the material they are more worried about for splittering rather than fibreglass.

Are neon lights legal in Victoria?

neon lights for your car, yes they are legal!

How safe are hood pins?

proper hood pins are VERY safe… most race classes require cars to use them. I personally wouldn’t remove the hood latch to mount them… but that’s just me. As long as they are secure and the pins hold in good, I say go ahead and use them.

Do seibon hoods need hood pins?

* In some cases, you may be able to use the OEM heat shield on the Seibon Carbon hood, depending on the hood style. * For your own safety, the use of hood pins is required.

Do they check under bonnet in mot?

Under-Bonnet Checks The MOT tester will check under the bonnet to ensure that there are no components missing from your car’s braking, fuel or exhaust systems and that all are properly integrated and justly connected.

Is it legal to put a bonnet pin on a car?

Bonnet pins are legal but you also need the original bonnet catch working for mot, so really no point, only for show on a road car. I had my car fail mot for having no secondary catch.

What is the dictionary definition of a bonnet?

English Language Learners Definition of bonnet : a hat that ties under the chin See the full definition for bonnet in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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