Is Ukyo still alive?

Mark Allen Jr. Ukyo Saionji ( 西 さい 園 おん 寺 じ 羽 う 京 きょう , Saionji Ukyō) is a modern-day survivor who was revived by Tsukasa Shishio.

Who does Ukyo end up with?

That afternoon, having learnt of Ryoga’s feelings for Akane, Ukyo devices a plan where Ryoga will date Akane so that Ukyo herself is free to date Ranma and eventually become his only fiancé.

Is Ukyo on senku side?

When Senku fulfils his promise, Ukyo fully sides with the Kingdom of Science.

Is Ukyo dead amnesia?

Ukyo dies on midnight as his wish of seeing the heroine live through 25th comes true.

Is Tsukasa dead Dr Stone?

Shishio Tsukasa does not die in Dr. Stone. After Hyoga’s fatal attack and massive blood loss, Senku scientifically kills Tsukasa and freezes him in a DIY cryogenic chamber in hopes of finding the petrification device and later revive Tsukasa using the ‘Dr.

How old is Senku?

Senku Ishigami is an 18-year-old male and the main protagonist of the story.

Does Ukyo like ryoga?

In the series Ryoga and Ukyo teamed up a few times to break up Ranma and Akane, but most of the time they are seen fighting and Ukyo often harshly berates the sensitive Ryoga which hurts his feelings, however a number of fans believe they have the potential to be a couple, agreeing with Ranma’s statement in the Cursed …

Does hyoga join senku?

Hyoga worked with Gen and used him as a double-agent to infiltrate Ishigami Village to find Senku. Hyoga soon finds out that Gen betrayed him and joined with Senku.

How old is Ukyo amnesia?


Age 24(?)
Birthday March 3
Status Alive
Physical attributes

How old is Ikki from amnesia?


Age 22
Birthday June 1
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Why did senku divorce Ruri?

In order to identify Ruri’s illness and cure her, Senku participated and won the Village tournament. After he was crowned chief, Senku married Ruri for barely a day before he divorced her after identifying the root of her sickness.

Who are Ukyo and Ranma’s childhood friends?

Kuonji Ukyō?) is Ranma Saotome ‘s childhood friend and one of his three fiancées. Ranma and Ukyo as children.

When does Ukyo appear for the second time?

Ukyo appears again on August 10, briefly as his original personality, as soon as the heroine runs away from him, UraUkyo surfaces to say that Toma is not the heroine’s boyfriend. Later on August 24th the heroine escapes from Toma’s house only to get lost and bump into UraUkyo on the road.

Who was the first person Ukyo went up against?

Daigo was the first opponent whom Ukyo went up against during their team battle in episode 18. Due to the fact that Ukyo that had been spying on his friends, Daigo offered to take him on, thinking the former knew nothing of his abilities. He is also not affected by Ukyo’s attempts to rile him up.

Why did Ukyo try to kill uraukyo in the Joker?

As he struggles with his dual personalities, Ukyo tries to keep the heroine safe from the Joker World. The world is attempting to kill her, as her fate was to die on August 25th, and UraUkyo tries to kill her, himself, in order to survive.