Is the DeMarini cf8 end loaded?

With slightly more end-load than the balanced -10, this CF8 brings mad pop to the plate for those ready to take their power to another level….CLOSEOUT 2016 DeMarini CF8 INSANE Fastpitch Softball Bat End Loaded -10oz WTDXCFI-16.

Product Specs Product Info
Length To Weight: Minus 10 Ounce

Is the DeMarini cf8 balanced?

The most popular bat in the DeMarini line up, the CF8 -10 packs a punch with a balanced swing weight while maintaining the ultimate in barrel performance for power and pop…

What year is the DeMarini cf8?

2016 CF8 (-8) Baseball Bat

Product SKU(s)
Series CF
Certification USSSA
Barrel Material Composite
Model Year 2016

What is the hottest DeMarini softball bat?

The 2021 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Softball Bat is the latest and the top of the line DeMarini, and it’s a beauty. Its looks alone can provide a young player with greater confidence, and that’s the sort of confidence that leads to better hitting and more extra-base hits.

Is the DeMarini CF8 composite?

Features of the DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch -11 The 2016 Demarini Cf8 Fastpitch comes with a specially designed Paradox Plus Composite Barrel that according to DeMarini results in superior performance right out of the wrapper.

What is the hottest Bbcor bat for 2021?

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