Is Tectonite sink good?

Stunning quality. The sink is beautifully made and very solid. I initially had concerns with the black finish showing water marks but it has proven very easy to keep clean and looks fantastic against the black granite. Definitely recommmended as a nice antidote to today’s flimsy stainless steel sinks.

What is Franke Tectonite?

Tectonite is a name exclusive to Franke, it’s a name given to represent their synthetic material range of sinks. This type of sinks are commonly named by other sink manufacturers using similar material as Synthetic or SMC, which means, sheet moulding compound or sheet moulding composite.

Do black composite sinks stain?

Melissa from Reece Plumbing in Mill Park explains quality black sinks are made from granite or quartz composite. “They are durable and scratch resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant, and fade resistant,” speaking specifically of the Franke sink.

Can you use bleach on Tectonite sink?

Cleaning and caring for Tectonite Sinks It is good practice to clean your sink immediately after use. For regular use, a non-abrasive cream cleaner without added bleach such as Franke Coloured Sink Cleaner, which you can purchase here should be used.

How do you clean Franke Tectonite sinks?

Franke recommends initially cleaning the sink by using a magic sponge (if available) and water or mild detergent and a soft cloth to fully degrease the surface. The sink should be scrubbed using a circular motion – to ensure the contours of the sink surface are all exposed to the cleaning fluid.

Are granite sinks better than stainless?

stainless steel sink. Granite is less prone to damage and makes less noise than stainless steel; stainless steel is easier to maintain and less expensive than granite, but doesn’t offer the color options or durability of stone.

What are Franke sinks made out of?

These ultra-modern sinks are made of Fragranite, an extremely solid and easy-to-clean material consisting of 83 percent quartz and 17 percent acrylic resin.

Who makes the best granite composite sinks?

Our best granite composite sinks reviews:

  1. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322GS0 Sink.
  2. BLANCO, Anthracite 441094 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Sink.
  3. Ruvati Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink.
  4. Kraus Quarza 60/40 Double bowl Kitchen Sink.
  5. Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Series Granite Sink.
  6. Swanstone QZ03322AD.

How is The tectonite Franke sink supposed to look?

Reviews looked good, promises in the advertising were a legion. In reality the sink stained badly virtually from the off, and the limescale buildup (totally impossible to remove without limescale removers which would ruin the sink) is a charming shade of yellow. It looks discoloured and dirty all the time.

Which is the best brand of tectonite kitchen sink?

The Franke OID 611 – 611 18 114.0286.449 is a tectonite bowl inset kitchen sink that is suitable for floor units from 45 cm and round in shape and polar white in color. This sink comes with stainless steel which gives it a smooth, sleek and silky look.

What kind of heat resistance does tectonite sink have?

The tectonite sinks come with synthetic materials with unique and stunning designs. There is a wide range of tectonite sinks are available in varieties of colors and designs. Tectonite can resist heat up to 300 degrees Celsius. It is light weighted and resistant to impacts and blows than any other materials.