Is Odiar like Gustar?

These phrases introduce, clarify, or emphasize the indirect object pronoun, but they are not required. It’s not uncommon for students to apply the same logic to the verb ‘to hate’ as the verb ‘to like’. However, odiar is not like gustar.

What are the conjugations for Gustar?

Here is the correct gustar conjugation:

  • Me gusta(n)- I like.
  • Te gusta(n)- You like.
  • Le gusta(n)-He/She likes.
  • Nos gusta(n)- We like.
  • Os gusta(n)- You all like (formal)
  • Les gusta(n)- You all like (formal)

How do you use Parecer like Gustar?

To ask for or give opinions. The next use of parecer is for stating your opinion about something, or asking others what they think. For this use of parecer, you will form the sentence like you would with the Spanish verb gustar.

Is Parecer a verb like Gustar?

Parecer is actually the most common ‘verb like gustar’ if you only use the data for the present tense.

What 4 parts do you need to include when conjugating?

Verb conjugation tells the reader when an action is occurring and who is performing it….The four verb aspects are:

  • simple aspect – The action is happening at the moment the story is told.
  • progressive (or continuous) aspect – The action is ongoing.
  • perfect aspect – The action is no longer happening.

What form of Gustar goes with ustedes?


Yo gusto Nosotros/as
gustas Vosotros/as
Él/Ella/Ud. gusta Ellos/Ellas/Uds.

Does English have conjugations?

While technically imperfect verb conjugation doesn’t exist in the English language, some argue that our present progressive, also called present continuous, and past progressive, also called past continuous, have the same effect as imperfect verb conjugation forms in romance languages such as Spanish or French.

Which ending goes with ellos?

Verbs that End in -ar

Subject -ar Endings English translation
nosotros -amos we speak
vosotros -áis you (informal) speak
ustedes -an you (formal) speak
ellos, ellas -an they speak

How do you know what type of Gustar to use?

As you can see, using gusta or gustan depends on the word that follows the verb. Depending on what you like, you choose the singular – gusta – or plural – gustan – form. Gustar can also be used in the infinitive form to talk about actions that we like. In this case, we will always use the singular form gusta.