Is Eagle Alloy wheels still in business?

The Eagle Alloy Wheels are currently discontinued and are no longer availabe.

Where are Eagle alloy wheels made?

the USA
For over three decades, Eagle Alloy Wheels has been manufacturing wheels of the highest quality and best price. All of their products are Made in the USA, utilizing the most advanced technologies in the industry.

Are American Eagle rims good?

Re: Are American Eagle wheels any good? I’ve had 3 sets of them on different trucks over the past 8 years or so. They have all held up great. If you shop around you can usually find someone that sells blems for $15-$20 cheaper per wheel.

Who makes Eagle alloy wheels?

Around for a long time, Eagle Alloy Wheels are made by American Eagle Wheel Corporation. Eagle Allo Wheels introduced their unique look long before the unveiling of 20 inch wheels. Eagle Alloy Wheels are considered to be one of the founders of today’s custom wheel industry.

Who makes Primewheels?

Chain Reaction Cycles
Prime is owned by Chain Reaction Cycles and was launched last year as part of a full range of dedicated road wheels including carbon tubular, clincher (like the ones here) and alloy-rimmed versions. As well as the 28mm rim we have here, Prime also offers 50mm and 38mm rim sections along with a mix of hub choices.

What happened to American Eagle wheels?

According to Danis, United States manufacturing operation was a missing piece of the company’s puzzle, and it’s important now. American Eagle Wheel was a family-owned business that manufactured rims onsite until the business folded last year.

Are prime wheelsets any good?

Yes, absolutely. Well built with great rims and other solid component choices. They come in at a good price, although it’s not quite as good as Hunt’s 50mm tubeless wheelset. The only minor point is that the tubeless rim tape isn’t the best; it works just fine, but I’d like to see DT Swiss tape.

Are Prime wheels tubeless ready?

All Prime wheels come with tubeless tape and valves pre-installed, so setting them up tubeless yourself is a doddle.

Who bought American Eagle wheels?

Wheel Pros is buying the former American Eagle Wheel Plant in an industrial park on Park Place Road near York. American Eagle Wheel was a family-owned business that manufactured rims onsite until the business folded last year.

How good are prime wheels?

They’ve done some speedy group rides and general riding on mixed terrain and my lasting impression is that these are perfectly quick and very, very comfortable. The braking is one of the highlights of these wheels. When used with the supplied pads, the power is really good and it’s consistent too.

Do disc wheels make difference?

Apart from the weight difference between the two, a disc wheel has proven to smoothen out the airflow better than any spoke wheel regardless of its rim depth. That gives the disc wheel a slight advantage over a deep section wheel, even though it still offers better aerodynamics than a standard spoked wheel.