Is Canada Post responding to Santa letters?

December 02, 2020 Santa is ready to receive letters from everyone around the world this year, and once again Canada Post is proud to help with his mail. We are working closely with Santa and his elves so that all letters sent to the North Pole will receive a reply.

Do Canada Post letters to Santa need a stamp?

Canada Post said all letters to Santa should be mailed by Dec. 11, so they can make the long trek to the North Pole in time for Christmas. No postage is required on the letters, but Lapointe said to make sure to include a return address so that Santa can write back.

Who responds to Santa letters Canada?

Postal elves help Santa with his mail and make sure that every letter gets a reply. Children can write their own letter or use one of our letter templates. We also have tips to get a personalized response from the North Pole.

Does the post office throw away letters to Santa?

Letters with postage and an address of the North Pole or Santa Claus are usually routed to one of 15 regional post offices that participate in Operation Santa.

What is Santa’s address Canada Post?

North Pole
Letters can be mailed to: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. Chartrand said postage is not necessary, but people should remember to include a return address.

Can I answer letters to Santa?

The United States Postal Service has two ways of responding to letters to Santa. Through Operation Santa, postal workers, members of the public, and organizations can “adopt” letters and either respond with a letter of their own or grant the child’s wish.

Where do all the letters to Santa go?

Where do letters to Santa go? It turns out, the U.S. Postal Service actually sends these letters to 15 regional post offices that participate in a program called Operation Santa.

Where can I get a personalized letter from Santa?

The official Santa website featuring personalized letters, Magic Reindeer Food, Santa Cam ornament packages & more. Memories and smiles are guaranteed! Personalized letter with official Santa Wax Seal.

When did the postal service start in Canada?

1854: Installation of the first postal cars aboard trains. This greatly accelerated the movement of not only passengers, but mail and parcels as well. Railway delivery service lasted until 1971. The picture for this entry is mail being loaded aboard a Canadian train.

Who is in charge of the post office in Canada?

The Province of Canada is given the official responsibility for the post office, until then administered by the British post office. It became one of the first departments to be formed in the new federal government.

Who was the first postmaster general in Canada?

1763: The first postal service established in what would later become Canada. Following the Treaty of Paris of 1763, in which Canada is ceded to Great Britain, Benjamin Franklin and John Foxcroft, joint Deputy Postmasters General for British North America, appoint Hugh Finlay as the first Postmaster at Québec.