In which year Kali Yuga will end?

428,899 CE
Lasting for 432,000 years (1200 divine years), Kali Yuga began 5,122 years ago and has 426,878 years left as of 2021 CE. Kali Yuga will end in the year 428,899 CE.

Which Yuga was Mahabharata?

In short: the Mahabharata happened during Dwapara Yuga, right at the end of it.

How many Maha yugas have passed?

-> In 1 day of Brahma, there are 14 “manvantara”. Each “manvantara” is divided into 71 “maha-yuga” cycles. So total make 14*71 = 994x (mahayuga cycles).

How many years is 1 Yuga?

4,320,000 years
A Yuga Cycle ( a.k.a. chatur yuga, maha yuga, etc.) is a cyclic age (epoch) in Hindu cosmology. Each cycle lasts for 4,320,000 years (12,000 divine years) and repeats four yugas (world ages): Krita (Satya) Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga.

What will happen after Kali Yuga?

According to Vedic calculation, once Kali Yuga reaches its peak, the world will go through a great upheaval. Not necessarily in case of war but perhaps in case of population explosion and natural disasters. And after which a new era will begin. The story of Ramayana was shared.

Who will destroy kalyug?

Kalki, also called Kalkin ,is the prophesied tenth avatar of Hindu god Vishnu to end the Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in the endless cycle of existence (krita) in Vaishnavism cosmology.

What was the name of Yudhishthira’s youngest brother?

In the hot weather, they were tired and thirsty Yudisthira sent his youngest brother Sahadeva in search of water. He came across a beautiful pond and ready to drink water hurriedly. Some voice stopped him from drinking until he could have given his questions’ answers.

Where did Yudhisthira spend his last year in exile?

This story is often cited as an example of Yudhisthira’s upright principles. The Yaksha later identified himself as Yudhisthira’s father, Dharma and pointed them to the kingdom of Virata to spend their last year in exile anonymously. Along with his brothers, Yudhisthira spent his last year of exile in the kingdom of Virata.

Who was the father of Yudhisthira in Hastinapura?

Yudhisthira’s father Pandu, the king of Hastinapura, soon after his marriage accidentally shot a Brahmin and his wife, mistaking them for deer, while the couple were making love. Before he died, the Brahmin cursed the king himself to die at once, the minute he engaged in intercourse with one of his two wives.

Who was the wife of Yudhisthira the Emperor?

Another wife of Yudhisthira was Devika, the daughter of Govasana of the Saivya tribe, who bore him a son named Yaudheya. After the coronation at Indraprastha, Yudhisthira set out to perform the Rajasuya yagna to become the Emperor of the World.