How old is Ijaduade?

53 years (September 8, 1968)
Waheed Ijaduade/Age

Who is Ola Ijaduade?

The Nollywood actor, Azeez Ijaduade, the son of popular thespian, Waheed Ijaduade also known as Dimeji has revealed how he started acting at age of one year old. Ola was born into Ijaduade’s family. He’s the first child with siblings, a lady and two young men.

Who is Samuel Ajirebi?

Samuel Ajirebi Olasheinde is the son of Papa Ajasco and Company’s Pa James, popularly known as Ajirebi. Samuel came into the limelight as a child-actor in the late 90s and has, since graduating from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where he studied law, launched a comeback into acting.

Who is jamiu Olabankewin?

Jamiu Olabankewin is a young nollywood actor and a proud son of a renown thespian, who is known for chanting incantations in Yoruba movies, Fasasi Olabankewin (Dagunro). He is the CEO of 100 years films production. He derived the name from his popular movie, “100 years”, released some years ago.

What year is IRU Esin?

He became more popular after he featured in Iru Esin, produced by Olaiya Igwe in 1997.

How old is Olumide?

26 years (December 11, 1994)
Olumide Oworu/Age

What is Spiff real name?

Samuel AjibolaThe Johnsons
Spiff/Played by

How old is Babasuwe?

63 years (August 22, 1958)
Babatunde Omidina/Age

How old is Baba Wande?

The 75 year-old actor, in this interview by FEMI OGUNTAYO, talks about his experiences and some issues affecting the Nigerian movie industry.

What is the meaning of Olumide?

o-lumi-de, ol(u)-mide. Popularity:20158. Meaning:my God comes.

Which state is Ada Ameh from?

Ada Ameh Wiki/Bio

Real Name Ada Ameh
Date of Birth 15 May 1974
Birth Place Ajegunle, Nigeria
Nationality Nigeria
School Name Lagos State

When did spiff get married?

Known for his role as “Spiff” in the series “The Johnsons,” Samuel Ajibola and his fiancée, Sandra Adanna are married! The white wedding took place on Saturday, December 19, 11 months after holding their traditional wedding in Anambra state.