How much Precon do you feed?

Feed as a complete ration at the rate of 10 to 15 pounds per head per day to: pre-conditioned beef cattle and pre-weaned and weaned beef calves or to: beef calves upon arrival in a feed yard for a period of 7 to 10 days.

What does Purina Precon do?

Purina® Precon® Complete is a complete pelleted ration for preconditioning calves on farm or receiving calves in back grounding operations or feedlots. Encourages calves just weaned off cow and/or stressed during transportation to begin to eat dry feed and recover from the stresses of weaning and shipping.

What is Purina RX3?

RX3 is immune support technology that can be associated with 3 R’s: Recognize, Respond, and Return to health. This technology is a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and plant extracts to help aid calves in the fight against respiratory disease.

What is a good calf starter feed?

Calves prefer soybean meal over other protein meals. They can adjust to cottonseed or canola meal, but during changeover, intake may decrease and be variable. Calves do not like fish meal, blood meal, and even distillers or corn gluten feed or meal. Corn and oats must be clean and without mold or mycotoxins.

When can you start calf feeding?

Begin offering calf starter three days after the calf is born. Provide a handful of calf starter in a shallow bucket and gradually increase the amount of starter as calves grow. For optimal calf growth and nutrition, feed fresh calf starter and water daily.

How do I Full feed My ultra?

Begin feeding High Octane® Ultra Full™ at 50 percent of the minimum rate above for the first feeding. Example: cattle first feeding should be 1 lb per day; swine 1/2 lb per day; lambs and goats 1/4 lb per day. Then increase by the same amount every 5 to 7 days until the desired feeding rate is achieved.

What does Purina fitter 35 do?

High Octane® Fitter 35® show feed supplement provides cutting-edge nutrition for the ultimate show ring look for show cattle, show pigs, show lambs and show goats. This high protein supplement helps support lean tissue growth and muscle development.

How much feed does a calf need per day?

Calves should be fed daily approximately 10% of their body weight (1 quart of milk weighs 2 pounds). For example, a Holstein calf weighing 90 pounds at birth would be fed 4.5 quarts (9 pints) of milk daily or 2.25 quarts per feeding when fed twice daily.

How long do you need to feed a calf milk replacer?

He may not like it at first and you’ll have to keep doing it until he starts eating some on his own. Usually, a calf should stay on milk or milk replacer until he is at least four-months-old. Don’t wean him off milk until he is eating an adequate amount of high-quality forage along with some grain pellets.

How do you know if a calf is getting enough milk?

A simple system is to give the calf a tag with the same number as its mother. Calves that look cold, hunched up, and droopy should be suspected of not getting enough milk. A quick check of his mom’s udder (either tight and overfull or flat and milk-less) will often reveal the reason this calf looks hungry.

Can you overfeed a bottle calf?

It’s important that you do not overfeed your bottle calves. Calves will eat until they are sick. But feed only the recommended amount; overfeeding can cause overeating disease, a bacterial disorder that will quickly kill calves.

How do I feed Win fill?

Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times. Store in a cool, dry place. Winning Fill® is an unique blend of chopped forages, steam-flaked grains, Baby Beef™ 24, and molasses. This highly palatable mix can be fed daily for incomparable bloom or just prior to showing for a fuller, bigger body look.

What kind of feed is Purina Precon complete?

Specie: Beef Type of Feed: Compl ete Form of Feed: Pellet General Description: Precon® Complete is a complete pelleted ration for preconditioning calves on farm or receiving calves in backgrounding operations or feedlots.

What kind of cattle feed is in the Purina 3006237-206?

THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY ADDED. Fed as the sole ration, the Purina 3006237-206 Precon Complete with RX3 Cattle Feed includes roughage and is highly palatable and nutrient dense, getting light or moderate weight calves eating quickly to restore nutrients lost through the stress of weaning and shipping.

What do you need to know about Precon complete calf feed?

Precon® complete cattle feed is formulated to provide the correct balance of nutrients required for starting calves. Find more nutrition information here.

What makes Purina starter feed so good for calves?

The Purina ® starter line contains RX3 ® Immune Support Technology, which does more than provide high-quality nutrition. It primes the immune system to address calf health stressors and respiratory challenges head-on. Research showed calves fed Purina ® starters with RX3 ® Immune Support Technology compared to control calves: