How do you unlock transportation specialist MGSV?

The Transportation Specialist can first be obtained in Mission 10 Angel with Broken Wings. Head towards Lamar Khaate Palace on the second floor near the broken piano is where you’ll find him.

How do you unlock Mission 46 MGSV?

To unlock this mission you must:

  1. Complete all other story missions (except duplicates such as extreme, subsistence and total stealth variations)
  2. Complete all important Side Ops (the yellow ones)
  3. Complete all 28 platforms at Mother Base (build an FOB in online mode to speed things up)

How do you unlock Mission 45 and 46 MGSV?

Enter and complete Side Op 150, and Mission 45 will begin immediately at the end of that. Complete Mission 45, and you can now begin the process of unlocking mission 46. Now Mission 46 will take a ton of work, but don’t lose sight of your goal. You must complete every single campaign mission in the game (1-45, 47-50).

Can you get Quiet back after Mission 45?

After players complete mission 45 of The Phantom Pain, they’ll no longer have the option to bring Quiet along on missions. However, with The Phantom Pain’s November software update, players can now recover Quiet and fight alongside her once again.

How do you unlock the shining lights even in death?

To trigger this mission, Snake must complete THREE missions/Side Ops after the hijacking of Sahelanthropus from Mother Base. After the third mission is complete, Miller will call Snake and inform him of a new outbreak, which triggers a one-time-only cutscene of Snake deciding to handle the problem himself.

Can you keep Quiet after Mission 45?

After players complete mission 45 of The Phantom Pain, they’ll no longer have the option to bring Quiet along on missions. The name of that mission will change to “[Reunion] Cloaked in Silence,” and after completing it, Quiet will return to Mother Base with all of her researched weapons and items intact.

Can you play as quiet?

Quiet is the scantily-clad assassin from the main Phantom Pain game. She’s scantily-clad because she breathes through her skin. Yes, really. Now, you can play as Quiet to infiltrate FOBs.

What is mission 46 in Metal Gear Solid 5?

Truth: The Man Who Sold the World is Mission 46 in IGN’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain S-Rank Walkthrough. This guide shows you the strategies, Collectibles, and locations you need to know to beat every MGS 5 main story mission.

Do you have to do mission 45 to unlock mission 46?

To get mission 46, you need to meet these requirements: Complete missions 1-44. Missions 45 and 47-50 are not required to unlock mission 46, and if anyone says you need to, then that is false. I got mission 46 without doing 45, 48, 49 or 50.

How to unlock secret mission 46 in MGSV?

You must have seen the cinematic where the scientist is exiled from Mother Base. Don’t use the Butterfly (front) design on your emblem. In other words, you have to have Quiet as a buddy and not try to stop her departure after Mission 43.

What do you need to know about mission 143?

Specifically mission 143 (Extract the AI-Pod) and missions 145-149 (Search for the Escaped Children 01-05). Listen to the tapes. Another thing you are required to do is listening to all of the major tapes.