How do you get 30 lives in Super Contra?

Super C Cheats

  1. On the title screen, press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, A, B, START – 30 Live Code (Probotector II, Europe)
  2. At the title screen, press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, A & B – 30 Lives (Japan)
  3. At the title screen, press and HOLD DOWN and press START, then immediately hold SELECT – Stage Select (Japan)

Is there a code for Super Contra?

Input these codes at the title screen to activate cheats….Super C Cheat Codes.

Cheat Code Effect
Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Select, Start Player 2 starts with 10 lives.
Hold A + B, then press Start Access the sound test.
After beating the game, press B, A, Start Begin a new game with your old score and all your lives.

How many areas are in Super Contra?

five stages
The game consists of five stages, which are set in a military base, a jungle and the alien’s lair.

Can you use cheat codes on SNES classic?

All the cheat codes that exist for the games included with the SNES Classic….

Cheat Code Cheat Effect
While the intro is playing, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. Practice the bonus rounds
Go to File Select Screen, select Erase Game (should flash), press B, A, R, R, A, L. Now choose a game. 50 Lives

What is the R in Super Contra?

The Rapid Fire (R) power-up, also known as Rapid Bullets, is a special upgrade that increases the rate of fire possible for the current weapon. In Super Contra, the Rapid Fire upgrade also enables projectiles to reach a farther distance in overhead stages, and in the case of the Spread Gun it adds extra projectiles.

Why is it called Super C?

Super C traces its origins as La Ferme Carnaval founded on September 15, 1982 which opened a supermarket under the trade name Super Carnaval on January 12, 1983 in Beauport, Quebec.