How do I change the ringtone on my Vtech cordless phone?

In the ringers menu, you can select the ringer tones and adjust the ringer volume for incoming calls. In the settings menu, you can change the settings for LCD language, voicemail number, voicemail indicators, key tone, home area code and dial mode.

Why is my Vtech cordless phone not ringing?

If the phone does not ring at all, you may have the ringer turned off. The handset and base have independent ringer programming. Step 2: Press ▲DIR or ▼CID to display >Ringers, then press MENU/SELECT. At the lowest setting, the ringer is silent and Ringer mute (or Ringer off) is displayed on the handset.

How do I add rings to my Vtech phone?

Changing the number of rings before home phone voice mail picks…

  1. Pick up the home phone receiver, wait for dial tone, and dial *94. You’ll hear 3 beeps followed by dial tone.
  2. Enter the number of rings you want (between 2 and 9).
  3. Listen for 2 confirmation beeps and hang up.

How do I change the ringtone on my landline phone?

Look on the keypad of your phone. Some models have a button labeled “ringtone” or something similar that allows you to toggle through available ringtones. If you don’t see such a button, look for a “menu” button. Press it and scroll through the available options.

How do I make my incoming calls ring longer?

Extend the ring time on your Android phone

  1. Open the Phone app on your phone.
  2. Type the following: * * 6 1 * 1 0 1 * * [15, 20, 25 or 30] #
  3. Press the call button.

How do I sync my Vtech phone to the base?

On the base station, press the HANDSET LOCATOR button for at least four seconds, and then release the button. Both LEDs on the base station begin to flash. Press the # key on the handset to begin registration. The process takes up to 10 seconds to complete.

How do I unmute my Vtech ringer?

Press to mute the microphone and “MUTED” will display on the LCD. Your caller cannot hear you. Press again to unmute the microphone. In idle, press and hold to turn off the handset ringer.

How do I contact Vtech customer service?

  1. Product Support: 1.800.521

    Why does my VTech phone only ring once?

    Your phone has the Call Block feature activated, which prevents callers from reaching you if they do not provide their phone number with the incoming Caller ID. Your phone rings once.

    Why does my house phone only ring once?

    When your phone only rings once then cuts out, this fault is known as “ring trip”. It can be caused by a number of things either inside or outside your property, and will require a process of elimination to track down the cause of the fault.

    Why does my landline phone not ring?

    More common of the two reasons your handset telephone can’t be heard ringing, is that there is actually an issue with the ISP side of the network. The second reason is that, depending on your in-home wiring and if you have more than one phone point in your home, your internal wiring can be causing no ringer noise.