Does NJ Medicaid cover LASIK?

LASIK is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, as it is considered an elective procedure.

Does the military cover LASIK?

In the Army, both PRK and LASIK are waived for most service personnel. LASIK is performed in the Army; however, surface ablation, such as PRK and LASEK, is the preferred procedure to be performed on combat-bound soldiers and others in special operations.

Is there an insurance that covers LASIK?

Health insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of refractive or laser eye surgery, but some companies will pay the bill if certain criteria are met. Some insurance companies offer a vision plan which may provide a discounted price or apparent partial coverage for laser eye surgery.

Is 58 too old for LASIK eye surgery?

Candidacy for LASIK surgery is typically not dependent upon age, but upon the stability and health of the eye. While the minimum age for LASIK surgery is 18 years old, there is technically no age limit for laser vision correction.

What makes Lasik medically necessary?

Conditions that make the procedure medically necessary include: When the refractive damage is a result of injury. When the refractive damage is the result of a previous surgery. When the refractive damage is severe.

Does LensCrafters take NJ Family Care?

LensCrafters accepts EyeMed Vision Care and most major vision care plans, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana and many more.(4)… Vision Plans We Accept · Aetna · Eyemed Vision Care · Aetna Medicare · Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ · Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal · Blue Cross Blue (6)…

Is LASIK disqualifying for seals?

(8) Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK), LASEK, intraocular lens implants, or hard contact lens wear for keratoconus within the preceding 3 months are disqualifying for candidates.

Can military spouses get free LASIK?

A health care program for uniformed military service members, family members, and retirees, TRICARE provides health and vision coverage plans. LASIK surgery and eye surgery that is not deemed medically necessary are not covered by TRICARE vision plans.

How does dr.norden do laser eye surgery?

Dr. Norden is very thorough with his explanations of the procedure and addresses all of the concerns of the patient. He is fully open to questions at any time, and gives each patient plenty of time with him. He is easy to reach through the office, his cell phone, and responds back very promptly by e-mail.

Who is the best plastic surgeon for LASIK?

THANK YOU Dr. Norden. Having LASIK was one of the best decisions I’ve made. As a Plastic Surgeon my vision is critical to my work and there is no one I would trust more with my vision than Dr. Norden. His expertise and technical skills are astounding. Thanks Rich.

What did Arthur C Clarke say about Dr.Richard Norden?

Thank you Dr. Norden — ten years and counting! The great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once observed that any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic. I’d like to thank Dr. Richard Norden, magician, for ridding me once and for all from eyeglasses, contacts, reading glasses, et al.