Can you get compact tumble dryers?

If you need a tumble dryer with a smaller capacity to suit your drying needs, try our 6kg or 7kg dryers. Or, if you need a compact tumble dryer, our slim depth models measuring between 44cm and up to 60cm, fit into the space you have with ease, but can still dry up to 8kg of laundry.

What is the smallest condenser tumble dryer UK?

Beko DTGC7000W 7kg Condenser Dryer Beko is an award-winning brand, and their appliances are finding their way into more UK homes. The DTGC7000W is a small condenser dryer in size (54 cm x 59.5 cm x 84.6 cm), but it’s 7kg capacity makes it suitable for a small family.

Do tumble dryers come in different widths?

Are all tumble dryers standard sizes? The height and the width are a standard across all models (H85cm, W60cm), but the depth will change based on the size of the drum you choose.

Are compact dryers any good?

Compact dryers are an excellent option for small families requiring a dryer solution but are short on space. They are energy-efficient and are small enough to stack on a matching compact washer or below a countertop. They also dry clothes faster than conventional dryers.

How much space do you need around a condenser dryer?

There should be a minimum of 3m2 of space with a fresh supply of air around the dryer to make it comfortable.

What type of tumble dryer is most economical?

Tumble dryer type: Heat pump tumble dryers are typically cheaper to run than regular condenser or vented tumble dryers since they are more energy efficient. Gas vented tumble dryers are also relatively economical.

How much does a tumble dryer cost per hour UK?

The average tumble dryer uses around 4.5 kWh per cycle. Based on the cost of energy in the UK is 14.37 pence per kWh an average tumble dryer would cost you around 67p per cycle, and depending on use, approximately £80 annually.

Why are compact washers so expensive?

Why are compact washing machines and dryers so expensive? One reason is that they represent only a small part of the market. We’ll find out what else contributes to their price and report on those findings when we post our compact washing machine Ratings.

Which is the best tumble dryer from Asda?

You are currently viewing just the Tumble Dryers category from Asda Direct. Display all Asda Direct products This RHVTD300B 6kg vented sensor dryer is stylish and modern with black becoming the must-have color in the kitchen. It has a variety of different drying programs, including silk, extra dry and iron dry.

Which is the best White Knight tumble dryer?

White Knight CL310 Vented Tumble Dryer White Knight CL310, uni-directional compact vented dryer in white. Featuring 3Kg capacity 2 heat settings Up to 140 minutes drying time Easy access fluff filter Flexible vent hose Final cool tumble Energy class C Typical annual usage 248kWh

Which is the best Asda condenser sensor dryer?

This RHCTD200B 8kg condenser sensor dryer is stylish and modern with black becoming the must-have color in the kitchen. It has a wide range of different drying programs, including silk, extra dry and iron dry. This dryer has a stainless steel drum and LED display, bringing style to your home.

Can a tumble dryer be hung on the wall?

If you thought you didn’t have space for a tumble dryer, think again. Ideal for sitting on a worktop in your utility room or kitchen, in a ventilated unit, or hung on the wall with it’s wall brackets (sold separately) this Compact Tumble Dryer comes with 5 drying programmes.