Why was Polonius buried secretly?

Claudius buried Polonius in secret because he didn’t want anyone to know about the death: but word has got out, and now that Claudius himself is rumoured to be to blame for the death, he wonders whether he has made the wrong decision.

Where does Claudius hide Polonius?

Gertrude agrees, and Polonius hides behind an arras, or tapestry. Hamlet storms into the room and asks his mother why she has sent for him. She says that he has offended his father, meaning his stepfather, Claudius.

Where did Hamlet hide the body of Polonius?

castle lobby
Finally, Hamlet reveals that Polonius’s body is under the stairs near the castle lobby, and the king dispatches his attendants to look there.

Why does Hamlet kill Polonius when he’s hiding behind the curtain?

Polonius is forever fomenting intrigue and hiding behind tapestries to spy. He hatches the theory that Ophelia caused Hamlet to go mad by rejecting him. Polonius’ demise is fitting to his flaws. Hamlet accidentally kills the old man while he eavesdrops behind an arras in Gertrude’s bedroom.

Does Hamlet regret killing Polonius?

Hamlet feels no remorse over killing Polonius, even though he did so by accident and, remarkably, even though this is the father of the woman he supposedly loves.

What caused Ophelia to go crazy?

Ophelia is a generally weak character; she bends to the will of everyone: the king and queen, her brother, her father, and Hamlet. When these people are removed from her, or disapprove of her, she breaks. When Hamlet mistakenly kills Polonius later in Act III, Ophelia goes mad.

What does Hamlet say after killing Polonius?

Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell! I took thee for thy better: take thy fortune; Thou find’st to be too busy is some danger.

Does Hamlet really know who is hiding behind the arras?

What Hamlet doesn’t know is that Polonius is hiding behind an arras in Gertrude’s room, and Polonius quickly calls for help too, thinking that the Queen is in danger. Hamlet thinks that the man hiding there is Claudius, whom he wants to kill, so he stabs Polonius through the curtain.

What happens after Hamlet kills Polonius?

Hamlet unknowingly kills Polonius, provoking Ophelia’s descent into madness, ultimately resulting in her (probable) suicide and the climax of the play: a duel between Laertes and Hamlet….

Family Ophelia (daughter; deceased) Laertes (son; deceased)