Who was the greatest tank ace of ww2?

Dmitry Fyodorovich Lavrinenko
Dmitry Lavrinenko. Dmitry Fyodorovich Lavrinenko (Russian: Дмитрий Фёдорович Лавриненко, September 10, 1914 – December 18, 1941) was a Soviet tank commander and Hero of the Soviet Union. He was the highest scoring tank ace of the Allies during World War II.

Who is the greatest tank ace of all time?

Kurt Knispel is considered to be the world’s greatest tank ace. The German war hero had 168 confirmed and 195 unconfirmed kills in World War II. He was considered the tank’s equivalent of the Red Baron.

Who is the greatest tank commander of all time?

Two of the greatest and most well known tank commanders in history are United States General George Patton Germany’s Erwin Rommel. The two most know TANK Aces of all time are; United States Staff Sergeant Lafeyette G. Pool, reported to have destroyed some 258 enemy vehicles.

Who were the leading tank aces in World War 2?

Lafayette Green Pool was an American tank-crew and tank-platoon commander in World War II and is widely recognized as the US tank ace of aces, credited with 12 confirmed tank kills and 258 total armoured vehicle and self-propelled gun kills, over 1,000 German soldiers killed and 250 more taken as prisoners of war, accomplished in only 81 days of action from June 27 to September 15, 1944, using three different Shermans. He received many medals, including the Distinguished Service Cross, the Legio

Who had the best tank in WW2?

The best tank in the world in 1939 was the French Somua 35 (closely followed by the FrenchCharB). These tanks were, for the period, the best armed, armoured, and most mechanically reliable vehicles available.

Which tank of World War 2 had the best armor?

The sloping armor of the German Panther tank was a response to a similar feature on the Russian T-34, although the basic Panther design traces its roots back to the pre-war years. Pursuing this process of one-upmanship, the Germans created the best tank of the Second World War when they introduced the Panther in January 1943.

What was the best Japanese tank of WW2?

The “Best” Japanese tank in World War II would be the Type 3 Chi-Nu. The Type 3 Chi-Nu was basically Japan’s answer to the M4 Sherman. The Type 3 Chi-Nu had a 75 mm Type 3 gun, based off the 75 mm Type 90 field gun. This gun was strong enough to penetrate the M4 Sherman from the front at around 100 meters.