Who was the designer of the Fiat Panda?

Giugiaro and Mantovani completed the design for its 7 August deadline, discovering only then that Benedetti had left Fiat.

What kind of engine does the Fiat Panda have?

The Hybrid,1.0 GSE 70CV engine available on the Panda range lets you drive and move in a much more convenient and eco-friendly way: not only does it cut CO2 emissions up to 30%* , but it also grants access to LTZs, benefits for parking areas and tax exemptions**. Today, saving money and respecting the environment is easier, with the Panda range.

When did Fiat move Panda production to Desio?

In January 1979, production was delayed by protracted union negotiations, specifically over Fiat’s plans to move production from plants in Cassino, Sulmona and Termini Imerese to Turin and Desio. An agreement was reached between December 1979 and January 1980, with production scheduled for the Termini Imerese Autobianchi di Desio plants.

What kind of infotainment does new Fiat Panda have?

An urban creature, full of talents: enter the Panda Life world and discover the most functional, social and joyful side of this iconic city car. The new Infotainment on the new Panda range features a 7” radio touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™.

Is the Fiat Panda like a pair of jeans?

The Panda is like a pair of jeans: a simple, practical article of clothing without pretense. I tried to give it the essential quality of a military design — in particular a helicopter: something light, rational, and optimized for a specific purpose.

When did the third generation Fiat Panda come out?

The third generation debuted at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011 and is assembled in Italy at Pomigliano d’Arco. In 37 years Fiat has sold over 7.5 million Pandas globally, with about 4.5 million being the first series’ sales.