Where is the whitest place in England?

Within the London region, Havering has the highest White British percentage with 83.3%, followed by Bromley with 77.4%, Bexley with 77.3% and Richmond upon Thames with 71.4%….Population and distribution.

UK Region South West England
‡White British population 4,855,676
Percentage of local population 91.8%
Year 2011

What city in the UK has the most black population?

Greater London
Almost 97% of Black Britons live in England, particularly in England’s larger urban areas, with most (over a million) Black British living in Greater London….Black British people.

Total population
1,904,684 (3.0%) (2011 census)
Regions with significant populations
United Kingdom
England 1,846,614 (3.5%) (2011 census)

Which city in the UK is the most ethnically diverse?

the most ethnically diverse region was London, where 40.2% of residents identified as belonging to either the Asian, Black, Mixed or Other ethnic group.

What is the best county in the UK?

The full list of rankings can be found below

County % who like the county Rank
Dorset 92% 1
Devon 92% 2
Cornwall 91% 3
North Yorkshire 87% 4

What is the population of the West Midlands?

West Midlands – Historical Population Data Year Population Growth Rate 2021 2,626,000 0.73% 2020 2,607,000 0.70% 2019 2,589,000 0.74% 2018 2,570,000 0.71%

What is the population of the United Kingdom?

UK Population 2018. United Kingdom (U.K.) has population of over 66 million which is ranking 22rd most populous country in the world. The population makeup of UK is: England (84.25), Scotland (8.2%), Wales (4.7%), and Northern Ireland (2.8%). White British is the predominant race in UK.

Is the Midlands part of the United Kingdom?

The Midlands region is bordered by Northern England and Southern England. The Midlands were important in the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. Two of the nine official regions of England are the West Midlands and East Midlands.

Where are the highest percentages of Asians in the UK?

the highest percentages of the population identifying as Asian were in London (at 18.5%) and the West Midlands (at 10.8%), and the lowest were in the South West (at 2.0%) and Wales (at 2.3%) the regions with the highest percentages of the Black population were London (13.3%) and the West Midlands (3.3%),…