Where can I buy AEG appliances for my home?

Buy original spare parts and accessories for your AEG appliance online. Your home isn’t just a place to live in. It’s a place for life. We’d love to know what you think about AEG, so why don’t you leave us a review! Feel more in control whether at home or elsewhere with your connected AEG experience.

What’s the history of the AEG kitchen range?

AEG was founded over 120 years ago on a simple philosophy that everything it designs should be perfect in both form and function. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of every AEG appliance and helps to enhance your kitchen in style, experience and functionality.

Which is the best dishwasher from AEG?

The ProClean™ dishwashers from AEG blend stylish design with state of the art technology for the best results, using the least amount of energy, time and water necessary to get your dishes really clean.

What do you need to know about AEG hoods?

AEG’s intelligent Hob2Hood system ensures your hood works in harmony with your hob as soon as you turn your hob on. If you’re looking for enjoyable ambience, assisted convenience, architectural solutions and high performance, then you can feel more than confident buying with AEG.

Where did the idea of AEG come from?

AEG was founded in Germany over a century ago on a simple philosophy: everything it designs should be perfect in both form and function. All AEG appliances offer outstanding performance, versatility and reliability along with superb aesthetics.

When was the AEG power station in Germany built?

The Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft (“German Edison Company”) was founded in 1883 with the financial backing of banks and private individuals, with Emil Rathenau as company director. AEG power station built in 1930.

When did Allgemeine elektrizitattat-Gesellschaft become AEG?

After WWII, the company lost its businesses in the eastern part of Germany. After a merger in 1967 the company was renamed Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft AEG- Telefunken (from 1979 on only AEG-Telefunken ). The company experienced financial difficulties during the 1970s, resulting in the sale of some assets.