Where are RM cylinders manufactured?

RM Cylinders operates alongside RM Solar manufacturing a complete range of copper vented and Duplex stainless steel unvented cylinders, all manufactured at our purpose built factory units near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The company is focused on quality, flexibility and market-leading customer service.

How much is a new hot water cylinder UK?

You should expect to pay around £450 for labour, fittings and sundries excluding the cylinder. Including the cylinder, you shouldn’t pay more than £700. Depending on where you live in the UK, the hot water cylinder installation prices may vary.

How many Litres is a 36 18 cylinder?

Direct Stainless Steel Cylinder 36″ x 18″, 120 Litres.

What size cylinder do I need?

Obviously larger houses will have larger cylinder. When selecting the size of the hot water cylinder, a simple rule of thumb is that for a typical domestic household, you should allow between 35 and 45 litres for every occupant.

What is the difference between direct and indirect cylinders?

Direct and Indirect A ‘direct’ cylinder is heated via an electric immersion and does not work with gas, oil or heat pump systems. An ‘indirect’ cylinder has coil running through the cylinder. The heated coil imparts its heat onto the fresh (potable) water in the tank that is used for washing or showering.

What is a direct combination cylinder?

Details. The hot water inside is heated directly by the immersion heater (or heaters) situated inside the cylinder. The advantage of a direct cylinder is that no boiler is required to heat the water inside, however, the heat-up and recovery times take longer than an indirect model of a similar size.

How much does it cost to service an unvented cylinder?

We charge a fixed price of £95+VAT to carry out a service of an unvented hot water cylinder or Megaflo.

How long does it take to heat a 250 Litre hot water system?

How long does it take to heat a 250 Litre hot water system? General rule of thumb is 1 hour for every 100 Litres of water. So if your system isnt hot in 2.5 hours for a 250 Litre it would be wise to contact Refined Plumbing.

What size boiler do I need for a 300 Litre cylinder?

If you had a 300 litre tank, your requirement would be 19.5Kws. You now have a heating requirement of 18kw and a hot water requirement of 7.8Kw. Rounded up, this means you need a boiler with at least 26Kw output.

Why do I need an unvented cylinder?

Connected directly to your mains water system, unvented cylinders ensure copious amounts of stored hot water is available on demand and they operate at mains pressure to offer much higher flow rates. This allows you to enjoy improved shower and bath performance all year round!

Where can I buy a RM hot water cylinder?

RM Cylinders Hot Water Cylinders | Central Heating | Screwfix.com Buy RM Cylinders Hot Water Cylinders at Screwfix.com. The UK’s No. 1 trade catalogue.

What do you need to know about RM cylinders?

RM Cylinders are heating specialists that product a range of hot water cylinders, whether you need a vented or unvented system within your home. With many different styles ideal for any home update, there are many options in mind for specific needs.

What can a hot water cylinder be used for?

Hot water cylinders can heat and distribute hot water throughout the home with both the use of direct and indirect cylinders. Direct cylinders are ideal for heating the water within the system using an immersion heater, whereas indirect cylinders will rely on external appliances.

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