What should I read if I like divergent?

10 Thrilling Dystopian Books Like Divergent

  • An Inheritance of Ashes. By Leah Bobet.
  • A Gift Upon the Shore. By M.K. Wren.
  • Ethos. By Aaron Dworkin.
  • Skeen’s Leap. By Jo Clayton.
  • The Gender Game. By Bella Forrest.
  • Matched. By Ally Condie.
  • The Hunger Games. By Suzanne Collins.
  • The Testing. By Joelle Charbonneau.

What are the 7 divergent books?

The trilogy consists of Divergent (2011), Insurgent (2012) and Allegiant (2013)….Divergent (book series)

Boxed set
(in publication order) Divergent Insurgent Allegiant Four: A Divergent Collection We Can Be Mended: A Divergent Series Epilogue
Country United States
Language English
Genre Adventure Science fiction Dystopian Young adult fiction

Is Divergent an adult?

The series is very dark with very little moments of lightness. Written for a Young Adult audience, it’s complex enough that adults will enjoy it as well. Recently, Roth has released a compilation of four short stories written solely from Four’s perspective.

Do boys read divergent?

This is the first book in a very compelling series along the lines of Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. In it is another strong female led character, but this book also has an equally strong male character as well. Recommend reading it with your younger child if they start it.

Will there be a 5th Divergent book?

The two books in Veronica Roth’s previous duology, the Carve the Mark series, released a little over a year apart, so we should expect the Chosen Ones sequel release date to be sometime in mid-to-late 2021.

Is Divergent ok for 11 year olds?

This book is very graphic, providing realistic descriptions of assault and death, but anyone over the age of 11 should be able to handle it. There is some romance in this novel, but it is nothing more than making out. If you are a fan of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, or Matched, I highly recommend this series.

Is Divergent movie ok for 11 year olds?

Intense adaptation is violent, thought-provoking for teens. Fans will approve of gripping, violent middle installment. Thought-provoking sci-fi adventure with military violence.