What seats are covered at Dos Equis Pavilion?

The venue is split up into the 100s, the 200s and Lawn seating. All seating in the 100s is completely covered. This includes the General Admission Pit in front of the stage and the VIP Boxes behind Section 101. In the 200s sections that begin roughly ​25 rows from the stage, all rows A-Z are covered by the roof.

Is Dos Equis pavilion outside?

Located in Dallas, Texas, Dos Equis Pavilion(formerly known as Starplex Pavilion) is a 20,000 capacity outdoor amphitheatre operated by Live Nation. Opening its doors in 1988, the amphitheatre is the first and largest venue of its kind in the DFW area area.

Can you bring blankets to Dos Equis Pavilion?

Events go on as scheduled, rain or shine. If it rains on the day of an event, lawn seat patrons are encouraged to bring a blanket or plastic tarp to sit on. Personal cameras are allowed in the venue.

What can you take into Dos Equis Pavilion?

What are the general rules of Dos Equis Pavilion? No food, drinks, coolers, lawn chairs, umbrellas allowed. The amphitheatre institutes a “No re-entry policy” for all events. Gates into the pavilion open ninety minutes prior to the scheduled performance time.

Can you smoke at Dos Equis Pavilion?

Smoking allowed? – Dos Equis Pavilion. “Smoking allowed?” Yes you can smoke on the hill not sure about the covered seating.

What is lawn seating at a concert?

“Lawn seating” refers to a seating method where concert-goers sit on the grass in the rear of the venue. Attendees can sometimes bring their own chairs, or rent them from vendors at the concert.

Can you take a purse in Dos Equis Pavilion?

Please see our new venue guidelines below: ➡️ If you’re bringing a bag, please make sure it adheres to our new clear bag policy and is 12″x6″x12″ or smaller. Small clutches about the size of a hand or smaller do not need to be clear. The maximum size of a non-clear clutch/bag is 4.5″x6.

Is Dos Equis Pavilion all ages?

No age limit. I have seen people bring infants with them to shows. over a year ago.

How do you classify seats for a concert?

Seats are typically identified by row number/letter, seat number, and sometimes by section. Reserved seating is the most common scheme used for large indoor venues such as stadia, arenas, and larger theatres. It is also common at other venues, as are other seating schemes, such as outdoor amphitheatres.

What was Dos Equis pavilion before?

Dos Equis Pavilion

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Former names The Amphitheatre at Fair Park (planning/construction) Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre (1988–98) Starplex Amphitheatre (1999) Smirnoff Music Centre (2000–08) Superpages.com Center (2008–11) Gexa Energy Pavilion (2011–16) Starplex Pavilion (2017–18)

How many seats are in Gexa Energy pavilion?

The Gexa Energy Pavilion has capacity for over 20,000 people, with 7,500 of those seats being reserved under a canopy. The remaining 12,500 are on the lawn. The best seats are undoubtedly in areas 100, 101 and 102 as they are closest to the stage and there is nothing to obscure your view!

When did Gexa Energy pavilion change its name?

Although the venue is one of the biggest and best in the Dallas area, it has gone through several name changes over the years and from 2011 – 2017 was more commonly known as the Gexa Energy Pavilion. In 1998, Coca-Cola’s lost their naming rights and the venue was then known as the Starplex Amphitheater.

When did the Dos Equis Pavilion open in Dallas?

Dos Equis Pavilion History The venue first opened in 1988 as the Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheater and is located just east of downtown Dallas. Since its opening year, the outdoor amphitheater has featured some of the best live shows of the summer concert season.

Is the Dallas Pavilion sponsored by Live Nation?

Dallas Pavilion is a local, independent website for the people of Dallas and not affiliated or sponsored by Live Nation, Ticketmaster or Starplex Pavilion. This site links to resale tickets to events at Dos Equis Pavilion.