What level armor are SAPI plates?

Military issued SAPI body armor plates are made from composite of ceramic materials (namely silicon carbide) and were designed to stop 7.62 x 51 (M80 BALL) rounds. In terms of NIJ threat protection level, SAPI body armor would be classified as level III under the current 0101.06 standards.

What is SAPI armor?

The Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) is a ceramic trauma plate used by the United States Armed Forces. It was first used in the Interceptor Body Armor, a ballistic vest. To protect against higher-velocity rifle rounds, SAPI plates are needed.

Are SAPI plates NIJ certified?

The 26148 Triple-curve hard armor SAPI plate is certified NIJ 0101.04 Level IV Stand Alone ballistic solution. Manufactured from a high-density, reinforced alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) backed with layered polymer composite fiber and finished in a black Cordura Covering.

What’s the strongest body armor plates?

The highest NIJ body armor plate level rating is level IV, which will stop rounds of up to 30/06 steel core armor-piercing bullets.

How much are SAPI plates worth?

The four pound high-technology plates cost approximately $350 each to produce, a considerable cost reduction achieved by Army-industry cooperation. A major upgrade effort to make Interceptor Body Armor with SAPI standard issue was completed in early 2004.

What level body armor does the military use?

Level III armor is normally used by military personnel and law enforcement officers. This body armor level is currently always hard and in the form of ballistic plates that can be inserted into vests or carriers.

How much are Army training plates?

How are SAPI plates made to prevent penetration?

Only hard plate armor can prevent penetration from rifle rounds and all of our plates are made using TOP QUALITY, lightweight, high strength armor materials. Specifications for each sapi plate are listed at the bottom of each product page. Additional information regarding the testing and analysis of various plates and material types is available.

What kind of ammunition is in SAPI plates?

SAPI Plates Weapon Ammunition STRIKING VELOCITY ft/s STRIKING VELOCITY m/s Rifle M-1 30.06 AP M2 2880 878 Rifle FN FAL 7.62x51mm – M80 Ball 2780 847 Rifle FN FAL 7.62x51mm – M61 AP 2780 847 Rifle M-16/AR-15 5.56x45mm-M193/M855/M855A1 3180 969

Where do we get our body armor plates from?

All our Hard Armor Plates are Made in the USA by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the worlds largest and most respected body armor manufacturer. Specific weights and sizes are listed below. All figures are nominal. Some variation based on manufacturing tolerance may apply.

How big of a SAPI carrier do I Need?

Some variation based on manufacturing tolerance may apply. These plates also fit well in a Crye JPC 2.0 SAPI cut. Small SAPI fitting small SAPI cut carrier, and so on with Medium, Large, and extra Large. Fits all standard carriers of the same size. Match plates to carrier size.