What happens if you break your radius and ulna?

When the radius and ulna are broken, a number of nearby structures can also be injured. These include the cartilage lining the surfaces of the wrist joint, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons. Injury to these structures may delay your recovery.

How do you treat a radial ulnar fracture?

Isolated ulnar fractures can usually be managed with a short arm cast or a functional forearm brace. Mason type I radial head fractures can be treated with a splint for five to seven days or with a sling as needed for comfort, along with early range-of-motion exercises.

What is a left radius fracture?

When the radius breaks near the wrist, it is called a distal radius fracture. The break usually happens due to falling on an outstretched or flexed hand. It can also happen in a car accident, a bike accident, a skiing accident or another sports activity.

Is a radius fracture serious?

Signs and Symptoms of A Distal Radius Fracture Like most fractures, signs of a serious injury in this area are often obvious. While bone wrist fractures are more severe than others, the most common sign of a break in the distal radius is intense pain. A broken wrist is also characterized by swelling.

How long does a broken ulna and radius take to heal?

A stable, simple and isolated fracture of the ulna (secondary to a direct blow) can be treated with a cast for about four to six weeks. Your doctor will closely follow your progress with X-rays to assure nondisplacement of the fracture and proper bone healing.

How long does a radius fracture take to heal?

Depending on how severe your fracture is and on other factors, you may not have full range of motion after you recover. Most fractures heal well in 6 to 8 weeks.

How long does it take to heal a broken ulnar?

What is the treatment for a radial fracture?

Preoperative counseling (often a combination of face-to-face, handout, and online material) Preoperative acetaminophen arthritis (650 mg, 8 hr sustained release) plus naproxen sodium just prior to surgery Preincision blocks with short-acting medications such as lidocaine with epinephrine

What is the treatment of radius hairline fracture?

Hairline fractures of the radius occur 1 to 2 cm from the joint, across the styloid or in the joint. They are treated with a cast or splint. The prominent portion of the ulna is the styloid.

What are the different types of distal radius fractures?

Types of Distal Radius Fractures Extra-articular Fracture An extra-articular fracture features a break above the wrist joint; the fracture does not extend into the joint itself. Intra-articular Fracture Intra-articular fractures are wrist fractures that affect the wrist joint. Comminuted Fracture Comminuted fractures involve multiple breaks of the distal radius.

What does ulna fractures mean?

A Fracture of the Ulnar Bone is a break or crack , in the longer of the two forearm bones, called the ulna A high percentage of adults who sustain forearm fractures, do so in the radius, near the wrist or at the bone shaft, which is considered the middle of the forearm (between the wrist and elbow).