What artists inspired Paul Klee?

Perhaps his greatest inspiration and ally was Kandinsky, a godfather of abstraction, as well as the Munich-based group’s other members, Macke, Marc, and Alexej von Jawlensky.

What was the quote Paul Klee wrote which describe him as an artist?

‘ photo of Paul Klee as soldier, 1916 World War 1. – quote of Klee, diary 1915: ‘The more horrible this world (as today, for instance), the more abstract our art, whereas a happy world brings forth an art of the here and now. ‘

What style of art is Paul Klee known for?

Paul Klee was a prolific Swiss and German artist best known for his large body of work, influenced by cubism, expressionism and surrealism.

Was Paul Klee an abstract Expressionist?

The Swiss-born painter, graphic artist and printmaker Paul Klee was involved in several of the major modern art movements including Expressionism and Surrealism, and is noted for his colourful and varied fantasy-style of art depicting a world of semi-abstract, dreamlike images.

Who did Paul Klee marry?

Lily Kleem. 1906–1940
Paul Klee/Spouse

His talents were such that he was able to join the municipal orchestra aged just eleven. Klee later joined the Berne Music Association and went on to marry pianist Lily Stumpf in 1906, with whom he later had a son.

What era did Paul Klee paint in?

Paul Klee
Education Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
Known for Painting, drawing, watercolor, printmaking
Notable work More than 10,000 paintings, drawings, and etchings, including Twittering Machine (1922), Fish Magic (1925), Viaducts Break Ranks (1937).
Movement Expressionism, Bauhaus, Surrealism

What is an interesting fact about Paul Klee?

Although he was born in Switzerland, Paul Klee is generally considered to be a German citizen. He was called up for service during the first world war, but was exempt from combat as he was an artist. Instead of heading to the trenches, he was assigned to painting camouflage onto the war planes.

What are three facts about Paul?

10 Things to Know About Paul Klee

  • He had a gift for more than just painting.
  • He had many artistic influences.
  • He was also a teacher.
  • He painted camouflage onto planes.
  • “I am a painter”
  • Some of his works were included in the “degenerate art” exhibition.
  • Klee’s art was banned in Germany.

Did Paul Klee have siblings?

Mathilde Klee
Paul Klee/Siblings

How did Paul Klee write in the style of Kairouan?

He begins the composition with the large rectangle in the center, then builds upon it’s strength and color to build the remainder of the composition, which flows from the first large note. More Mohamed is deeply shaken when his oldest son Malik returns home after a long journey with a mysterious new wife.

Where did Paul Klee do most of his paintings?

Kairouan, in Tunisia, is a place Klee visited together with the artists Louis Moilliet and August Macke. In this painting Klee has progressed from having recognizable imagery and has replaced this with abstract rectangles, polygons and circles in a wide range of colours. The building blocks of this painting are the coloured rectangles.

What did Paul Klee do on his Tunisia trip?

The working-holiday would inspire Klee for many years afterwards, and as far ahead as the 1930s he continued to makes paintings that referenced his experiences in Tunisia. Klee made detailed notes in his diary about the trip, and it is directly from these pages that the impact of the Tunisia experience can be understood.

When did Paul Klee go to T Unisia?

The journey to T unisia began on 3 April 1914, when Klee and his friend and travelling companion, the artist Louis Moillet, travelled from Geneva through the countryside of the Rhone and onto Marseille, a full day’s journey that began at two o’clock in the morning and ended at five in the afternoon.