What are the largest IDNs?

Top 25 IDNs by net patient revenue

Rank Definitive ID IDN Name
1. 4710 HCA Healthcare
2. 4713 Kaiser Permanente
3. 981465 CommonSpirit Health
4. 4695 Ascension Health

How many hospital IDNs are there?

There are roughly 1,000 IDNs in the US and up to several thousand provider networks, depending on the therapeutic area.

Who are the IDNs?

The top 10 IDNs:

  • Kaiser Permanente (Sacramento, CA)
  • UC Health (Oakland, CA)
  • Partners Healthcare System (Boston)
  • Ascension Health (St. Louis)
  • New York-Presbyterian (New York)
  • University of Texas Health System (Austin)
  • Sutter Health (Sacramento, CA)
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pittsburgh)

Who is the largest hospital chain?

HCA Healthcare
Top 10 Largest Health Systems by Member Hospitals

# Hospital Network Name Number of Networked Hospitals
1 HCA Healthcare (FKA Hospital Corporation of America) 226
2 CommonSpirit Health 211
3 Universal Health Services 183
4 Department of Veterans Affairs (AKA Veterans Health Administration) 168

What is the difference between IDN and ACO?

Unlike an ACO, a healthcare IDN is a cohesive health system that offers a full range of preventative and acute care services as well as health insurance plans, rather than a loose collection of individual providers and payers. IDNs are one of the most common hospital affiliations.

What does IDNs stand for?

Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) are similar to ACOs in that they are systems of providers and care sites that aim to improve patient experience and care outcomes while reducing cost.

What state has the most hospitals?

10 States With the Most Hospitals

  • Texas (365)
  • California (364)
  • New York (214)
  • Florida (211)
  • Pennsylvania (182)
  • Ohio (150)
  • Illinois (144)
  • Tennessee (123)

What is full form of IDN?


Acronym Definition
IDN Integrated Digital Network
IDN International Development Network
IDN Integrated Data Network
IDN Integrated Delivery Network

What do hospitals make the most money on?

The American health care system for years has provided many hospitals with a clear playbook for turning a profit: Provide surgeries, scans and other well-reimbursed services to privately insured patients, whose plans pay higher prices than public programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Which is the largest idn in the United States?

With 214 member hospitals and a total net patient revenue of almost $42.6 billion as of April 2020, Nashville-based HCA Healthcare is the largest IDN in the United States.

Who are the top 10 IDNs by net patient revenue?

Top 25 IDNs by net patient revenue Rank Definitive ID IDN Name State Number of Member Hospitals 1. 4710 HCA Healthcare TN 214 2. 4713 Kaiser Permanente CA 43 3. 981465 CommonSpirit Health IL 197 4. 4695 Ascension Health MO 117

How many member hospitals does an IDN have?

Fifteen of the top IDNs, or 60 percent, have fewer than 50 member facilities. Based on this fact, it seems that there is little correlation between number of member hospitals and net patient revenue.

Why are IDNs important to the healthcare industry?

These networks can vary in both size and service offerings and, because of this, may be affiliated with many different inpatient and outpatient provider types. Some IDNs have hundreds of member facilities within their networks, and can leverage their size to exert industry influence and increase their purchasing power.