How much ladder do I add to gel?

For a standard electrophoresis system, we recommend loading 0.5 µg (20 µl) of the Fast DNA Ladder on the agarose gel. For a fast electrophoresis system (5 to 30 minutes separation), follow the system’s manufacturer recommendations: 5 to 20 µl load.

Do you add loading dye to DNA Ladder?

If you want to prepare a working stock of the 1 kb ladder with loading dye, measure amount of ladder in the tube and add the loading dye accordingly. Use water to dilute your loading dye, in the ratio of 1 part ladder, 1 part buffer, and 4 parts ddH20 (if your loading buffer is 6X).

Why are there 2 bands in gel electrophoresis?

The gel matrix acts as a sieve: smaller DNA molecules migrate faster than larger ones, so DNA molecules of different sizes separate into distinct bands during electrophoresis.

What does 1 KB plus DNA ladder do?

Description Invitrogen 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder is designed for sizing and approximate quantification of double-stranded DNA in the range of 100 bp to 15,000 bp. 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder consists of 18 individual chromatography-purified DNA fragments and has a reference band at 1,500 bp for easy orientation.

How many DNA fragments are in the generuler DNA ladder?

Product overview. Description. Thermo Scientific GeneRuler 100 bp DNA Ladder is recommended for sizing and approximate quantification of a double-stranded DNA in the range of 100 bp to 1,000 bp on agarose or polyacrylamide gels. The DNA ladder consists of 10 DNA fragments and is provided with 6X TriTrack DNA Loading Dye.

Is the generuler 100 bp DNA ladder available online?

In April 2018 this product was upgraded to include TriTrack DNA Loading Dye for better visualization. Error loading your content! ERR#1200 – This item cannot be ordered online. ERR#1200 – This item cannot be ordered online. Order requests are processed and shipped by your local distributor. Learn more

How big is a Promega 1kb DNA ladder?

This product is available through the Promega Helix onsite stocking program. We offer numerous convenient solutions to meet your lab’s needs. DNA Ladders have defined sizes, and are not intended for use in quantitative analysis. The 1kb DNA Ladder has thirteen blunt-ended fragments with sizes ranging from 250bp to 10,000bp.