How many albums have Type O Negative sold?

2.5 million albums
According to Nielsen Music/MRC Data, Type O Negative has sold 2.5 million albums and accumulated 98.4 million streams in the United States.

When was type O negative popular?

After their first two albums — Slow, Deep, and Hard (1991) and Origin of the Feces (1992) — Type O Negative hit it big with their third LP, 1993’s Bloody Kisses, which featured the standout “Black No. 1” and went on to achieve platinum status.

Where are type O negative now?

More videos on YouTube These Type O negative veterans are still rocking the universe with the bands they formed: Silvertomb and Seventh Void. Kenny is the lead singer now and Johnny is still the drummer.

When did Type O Negative end?

Type O Negative

Active 1989–2010
Name origin a blood type
Alternate names Type O · TON
Nickname The Drab Four
Former names Repulsion (1989–1990) Subzero (1990)

Which is the least worst type O Negative song?

The 13 Least Worst Type O Negative Songs — Kerrang! From 1991 debut Slow, Deep And Hard to final album Dead Again, this is the best (or least worst) of Type O Negative…

Where did the band Type O Negative come from?

Perpetually swathed in shades of green and black, Type O Negative emerged from the New York City hardcore scene at the start of the ‘90s with a sound and style so highly individual and assertive they instantly aroused extreme reactions.

What’s the name of the Type O song?

Perhaps Type O’s signature song, Black No. 1 – the title a reference to the shade of hair dye best loved by the gothic legions – is perhaps their only one improved by being hacked down to a more digestible size.

When did the last Type O album Come Out?

A little bit all over the place, but with some of their best-realised material, Dead Again found new variations on a highly singular modus operandi. Tragic, then, that it was forced to become Type O’s final release when Pete Steele died in 2010. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…