How do I vote for the voice on the NBC app?

We’ve made it easy to vote and save on the The Voice Official App or You’ll need to set up an NBCUniversal Profile, and when the Live Shows begin, choose your favorite artist and cast your vote!

How do you vote on The Voice tonight?

Fans can vote for their favorite artist, starting Monday night at 8 p.m. ET, by using The Voice’s official app, or voting online at

How do I vote on voice?

Head to and click the Vote option towards the right side of the screen. From there you will be able to choose your favorite contestant and make your vote. Also a direct link to voting site can be found here. This voting method allows up to 10 votes.

How do I contact the TV show The Voice?

Contact the Casting Team

  1. Contact the Casting Team. [email protected].
  2. Artist Account & Audition Support. [email protected].
  3. Website Info & Registration Problems. [email protected].

How many votes does the voice get?

Voting system Each method is limited to ten votes per user, and voting lasts until noon EST the next day.

Does it cost to vote on the voice?

Download “The Voice” Official app on your mobile device from iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app is free. Register with Facebook or with an email address, and confirm that you’re at least 13 years old.

How does the NBC app work for the voice?

The app is timed to the NBC television broadcast feed. As a result, if you are watching via a live digital feed (e.g. NBC App,, Hulu live feed), the timing will be off by a minute or more due to the time delays associated with those feeds.

Is there an official app for the voice?

Answer: If and aren’t working for you, we recommend downloading The Voice Official App from the App Store on your iOS or Google Play on your Android device. Question: How do I lock in my votes?

How do you get on the voice Facebook leaderboard?

Answer: To appear on the Facebook Friends Leaderboard, you and your friends must sign up for an NBCUniversal Profile using Facebook on The Voice Official App and then add artists to your teams before points are tallied the morning after each new episode. Question: How do I remove an artist or reorder my team?

Is there an app for the Voice Season 20?

Fans of The Voice who are interested in being part of the live online audience can find more information here if they want to get ahead of the game for Season 20! Downloading The Voice Official App is the best way to interact with your favorite Emmy Award-winning music competition show.