Do they still make 25-35 ammo?

It was a popular round used in the Winchester Model 1885 High Wall single-shot rifle. 25-35 WCF since the 1960s until 2005 when Winchester resumed chambering their Model 94 rifles in this cartridge. Winchester ammunition has kept the cartridge in production in the U.S.A.

What gun did Teddy Roosevelt carry?

38 Colt revolver was carried by Theodore Roosevelt as the future president led his famous charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War. It was snatched from a museum in Oyster Bay, N.Y., in 1990.

What gun did Teddy Roosevelt use in Africa?

450 Marlin. The . 405 was highly regarded by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt during his safari in East Africa.

When did the Winchester 25-35 WCF come out?

The .25-35 WCF was available in carbine and rifle configurations of the Winchester Model 1894. Sales for the Winchester Model 1894 .25-35 were strong, but over time it gave way to the immensely popular .30-30. Sometime around the end of World War II, rifles were discontinued.

Which is better a.25-20 Winchester or a.35-35?

Significantly more powerful than the .25-20 Winchester, the .25-35 WCF can be used to hunt small deer at 200 yards and medium-sized deer at 100 yards, however, some consider it better suited to small predators such as coyotes instead. It was a popular round in the Winchester Model 1885 High Wall single-shot rifle.

How big is a.25-35 softpoint bullet?

While there have been several .25-35 loads offered over the past 122 years that included 60- to 117-grain bullets at varying velocities, the latest ballistics in the Winchester Ammunition catalog lists a 117-grain softpoint bullet at 2,230 fps from a 24-inch barrel.

When did the.25-35 Marlin cartridge come out?

Indications are that the .25-36 was probably developed first (and known at that time as the .25-37 Marlin), so Winchester designed its .25-35 cartridge so that it could be chambered and fired in rifles chambered for the .25-36/.25-37.