Can you swim at Krantzkloof?

Swimming – there is no swimming pool at the Reserve. Swimming is rivers is not recommended due to the possibility of bilharzia, which can be present in inland waters.

Where is Krantzkloof in south africa?


Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
Location on a map of KwaZulu-Natal
Location KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Nearest city Pinetown
Coordinates 29°45′51″S 30°51′03″ECoordinates: 29°45′51″S 30°51′03″E

Is Krantzkloof nature reserve pet friendly?

No person may overnight, camp or reside in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. No person may allow any dog, cat or any other pet belonging to or under the care of that person to enter into the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. No firearms allowed in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

Where can I hike in Durban?

Burman Bush Nature Reserve.

  • Ballito North to Salt Rock.
  • Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve.
  • Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve.
  • Giba Gorge Nature Reserve.
  • Paradise Valley Nature Reserve.
  • Virginia Bush Nature Reserve.
  • Shongweni Dam.
  • Where can I walk my dog in Durban?

    Durban is very accommodating when it comes to walking your dog and going on hikes together. Check out the following places: Durban Green Corridor. Beachfront Promenade….Other:

    • Salmon Bay (Ballito)
    • Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge.
    • Sierra Resort (Mooi River)
    • Richards Bay Caravan Park.
    • Room with a view (Mtunzini)

    What to wear for hiking?

    What to Wear Hiking: The Basics

    • The simple trick to stay warm during any season is to layer your clothes –more on that later.
    • Pants – shorts – leggings.
    • T-shirts.
    • Insulating jacket and/or vest.
    • Waterproof jackets.
    • Hat – cap – beanie:
    • Hiking shoes/boots:
    • Socks.

    How much is horse riding in Durban?

    Prices for the ride costs from R250 pp for around 2 hours. For more information go to or to book a ride call +27 84 467 0752.

    Are dogs allowed at Giba Gorge?

    Giba Gorge Nature Reserve is proud of its dog friendly status. This is despite the risks (discussed above) to the indigenous fauna and flora present within the reserve.

    Are dogs allowed on Devils Peak?

    Woodstock Cave on Devil’s Peak – find the path at the end of Tafelberg Road. Table Mountain National Park – one of the few National Parks in South Africa that is dog-friendly. However, you’ll need a permit so contact Table Mountain National Park.

    Should you wear jeans on a hike?

    Hiking in jeans is not recommended. Jeans are made from cotton, which holds water and can freeze. Many hikers wore jeans for hiking in the 1970s and 1980s before synthetic material was available. For short hikes and nature walks, jeans can be acceptable hiking attire.

    Where can I take my dog in Durban?

    Top 10 Dog Friendly Places in Durban

    • Old Town Italy. Take your pooch to Italy without having to get on a plane!
    • Circus Circus Beachfront.
    • Freedom Cafe.
    • Beach Bums.
    • Remo’s Umhlanga.
    • Afro’s Chicken.
    • Arts Cafe.
    • The Oyster Box.

    When is the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve open?

    Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is open from 6am to 6pm daily. The entrance fee is payable for entry to the Reserve at any time via any of the entry points. If entering at one of the unmanned entrances, the fee should be paid at the Kloof Falls Road picnic site.

    Is there a nature reserve in Kloof, wa?

    Offering numerous scenic walks and viewpoints, Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is a haven for twitchers and jaded urbanites right in the heart of the suburb of Kloof.

    Where can I find the flora and fauna of Kloof?

    Lists of local flora and fauna of the Kloof area can be found on the Kloof Conservancy website by clicking the links below: Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is home to more than 250 species of birds. The variety of habitats provide excellent opportunities to see a wide range of species.

    Where to have a picnic at Kloof Falls?

    The Kloof Falls picnic site, situated adjacent to the M33 between Kloof and Waterfall, is open 365 days a year (subject to weather). It is an extremely popular spot for Durbanites and tourists to enjoy a picnic while relaxing on the banks of the Molweni River.