Can you get dwarf Alstroemeria?

Princess Lilies are a range of dwarf Alstroemeria bred by Royal Van Zanten, they all grow under 40cm in height and are hugely popular for growing in containers and orders. Alstroemeria gain in popularity every year, they are easy to grow, pest free, flower all Summer and a great source of nectar for all types of bees.

How do you grow dwarf Alstroemeria?

The dwarf Alstroemeria prefers a sunny spot with fertile and well-drained soil. This perennial prefers morning sun. The Alstroemeria ‘Princess Lilies’ is pretty drought tolerant.

Do Alstroemeria grow well in pots?

Can you grow alstroemeria in pots? Yes, you can. Make sure that the pot you are planting the alstroemeria into is big enough to keep the plant moist in warm weather. When growing in pots move the pot to a sheltered position in winter as plants in pots are less protected from freezing conditions.

How tall do Alstroemeria grow?

Plant size – they generally grow to between 50cm (20in) and 1m (3¼ft) tall, but there are taller and shorter options too, to suit all positions in a border. The compact cultivars (from 15cm/6in tall) also work well in containers.

Where is the best place to plant Alstroemeria?

In borders

  • Alstroemerias like a warm, sunny, sheltered spot.
  • They are happy in most soil types, as long as the soil is free draining and not prone to waterlogging – the roots may rot in damp conditions, especially in winter.

Should I deadhead Alstroemeria?

Alstroemerias have both flowering and vegetative stems. Plants don’t need to be cut back either, but they respond well to deadheading and can be kept shorter if a few flower stems and seed pods are pruned off. Pruning Peruvian lilies that are spent will keep the plant tidy and prevent the formation of seed heads.

Does Alstroemeria need full sun?

Plants thrive in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Flowering may slow or stop in hot weather; prolong bloom by applying a thick layer of mulch at planting time to keep roots cool.

How long does alstroemeria last?

Vase Life: Long lasting, Each individual flower lasts about 1 week and each stem will have blooms for up to 2 weeks. Ethylene Sensitive: Yes, very sensitive. Ethylene damage includes flower fall and transparent petals.

Does alstroemeria need full sun?

Can I grow alstroemeria from cuttings?

You can propagate alstroemeria by taking cuttings and planting them, while cut flowers will often last for a few weeks in water – they’re a popular flower to give friends or loved ones on special occasions.

How long does Alstroemeria last?

What do you call a dwarf Alstroemeria flower?

Dwarf varieties of alstroemeria, also called princess lilies or Inca lilies, are specially bred for sterile flowers to prevent invasive re-seeding and to result in nearly nonstop blooming for months in the home garden. Alstroemeria provide a lot of charm for such a small package!

Which is the best Alstroemeria plant for sale?

Soft Deep Red Potted Princess Lily Plants For Sale | Alstroemeria Katiana Princess Katiana is an eye-catching Peruvian Lily with vibrant, red flowers and variegated white and green foliage. The lush, trumpet-shaped blossoms shine tirelessly from Spring until Fall and provide the perfect pop of color to balconies, terraces, and courtyards.

Is the Alstroemeria Princess Lilies sterile or invasive?

The Alstroemeria ‘Princess Lilies’ spreads through tuberous rhizomes but is not invasive. The flowers are sterile so they will not produce seeds. The roots are very fragile which makes it hard to reposition this perennial. The Alstroemeria is usually a very good cut flower but since this is a dwarf Alstroemeria the stems are too short for this.

How tall do dwarf Alstroemeria Princess Lilies get?

Alstroemeria provide a lot of charm for such a small package! Topping out at just 10-15” tall, these plants produce attractive masses of lush, tropical foliage – sometimes with beautiful variegation! – and cover themselves with blooms spring through fall.