Can I take HSK exam online?

You can select your test centre, date and information and click submit. (Please note that some test centers do not offer online testing, so if you select online testing, there might be no test centers available). Then follow the steps and submit your personal information, and you will be registered for the test.

What is the passing score for HSK 1?

120 points out
The most important qualifier is the HSK level that you pass. Therefore, a good HSK score is 60%, which is the minimum to pass for each HSK level. A passing grade on HSK 1 and 2 is 120 points out of 200. A passing grade on HSK levels 3, 4, 5, or 6 is 180 points out of 300.

Is HSK worth taking?

While obtaining an HSK certificate isn’t necessary to finding job , it is a great selling point in the job market once you have a recruiter’s attention. HSK material pertains to useful subjects about daily life and culture, designed to have practical application for you no matter what your goal is in learning Chinese.

Which HSK level is fluent?

The HSK tests put basic fluency around Level 4, but Level 6 is when you can effectively express yourself in spoken or written Chinese. Just remember that fluently speaking those characters and words doesn’t completely depend on knowing how to read or write them.

What’s the structure of the HSK level test?

HSK’s six levels are designed to fit into the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In general, HSK1 and HSK2 are considered beginner’s level; HSK 3 to 4 are categorized under intermediate level; and HSK5 and HSK6 are regarded as advanced level. 5. What’s the structure of the HSK test?

Where are the Strathfield college campuses in Australia?

Strathfield College offers international students a vibrant study experience. Our campuses are located in two of Australia’s top student cities, Melbourne and Sydney, where we deliver nationally-recognised vocational education and training (VET). During current Covid-19 social distancing restrictions delivery is being conducted online.

Are there any mock tests for the HSK exam?

On this page we have collected all the available HSK test tests (also called mock tests). You can find out more about the HSK exam here and the passing process here Below are all the levels of the exam, just select the required and proceed to the tests! All files are original, in pdf format. Listening is in mp3 format.

How long does it take to pass the HSK level?

After 3 to 5 months of systematic study you should be able to pass beginner’s level (HSK1 and HSK2), where you are supposed to be able to conduct simple daily conversations, understand frequently used expressions related to daily topics, and use simple Chinese sentences to express your own opinions or thoughts.