Are there aliens in the Blue Planet project?

Blue Planet Project ALIEN, UFO book from notes of scientist in top-secret alien me stories about types of aliens and technology that we had gotten from them. The Blue Planet Project: An Inquiry Into Alien ›

What kind of technology does the Blue Planet project use?

Various alien species use different types of devices for mind control, including implants, harmonic laser beams, holographic displays, and even certain types of advanced drugs. The Blue Planet Project also contains a couple of Appendices that dig further into the details of some of the items mentioned above.

When did the Blue Planet Project UFO start?

Feb 28, 2015 – Blue Planet Project UFO TECHNOLOGY. Topics article/document: MAJIC Projects Bill Cooper original source | fair use notice Summary: Aug 13, 2014 – BLUE PLANET PROJECT Alien Technical Research Alien Life Forms Note – This document is the The US Government and Alien Technology

How many sections are there in the Blue Planet project?

It should be noted that Souza may not have worked alone, but the majority of the information contained in the Blue Planet Project book is generally attributed to him. The documents, drawings and notes contained in the Blue Planet Project are loosely arranged into 11 sections (or chapters).

Is the Blue Planet Project A Dangerous Book?

As he attended many of the UFO conferences and was acquainted with most of the speakers, he asked one of the top UFOlogists there if he knew where he could get a copy of the Blue Planet Project and was told that he shouldn’t even mention that book, it was too dangerous to do so.

What was the purpose of the Blue Planet project?

The purpose of project Grudge was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO & IAC sightings as well as contacts with BLUE PLANET PROJECT …. U.S. GOVERNMENT SECRET TECHNOLOGY …. evidence. technology, lies and deceptions and find the truth of the Alien question.